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Long anticipated Art Basel has finally returned to Miami Beach after two years brake due to global Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. I’ve been very enthusiastic about being able to see all the artworks on view at the main fair as well as at several accompanying ABMB satellite fairs that typically shine a great light on emerging and mid-career artists, but not only.Art Basel Miami Beach is unquestionably the most established and solid market for both contemporary and modern blue-chip-artworks. It happens to be a “predictable” selection of featured by their Galleries artists this year, as it does every other year or so however, the fair for sure is not short of  cutting edge artists and “fresh trends.”For example, majority of represented by Mariane Ibrahim artists are very talented, and the gallery’s booth at ABMB is for sure impressive. So dive into some research and such discoveries on your own.

I’ve been psyched about art project by Saint Laurent River Droit featuring “55 Sunrises” artworks by Sho Shibuya. The series reflects on artist’s meditation on the contrast between morning sky and chaotic news delivered via various media including press. This solo exhibition curated by Anthony Vaccarello on the occasion of Art Basel Miami Beach 2021 is placed in a constructed on the beach temporary gallery (beachfront at 17th Street) that is open from sunrise to sunset. Each visitor can pick up a free catalog of the works placed in a quality tote/cotton bag. Supposedly 80 thousand of such free-gifts have been provided…. What a treat! Thank you SL.
UNTITLED has been one of my favorite fairs ever since it landed in the Miami South Beach 10 years ago, and it proves again to be in a forefront of high quality platforms for discovering contemporary and innovative artists. A curated by Estrellita Brodsky and Jose Falconi “Elswhere(s)” group show occupies multiple areas at the fair’s main entrance. Including 25 Latin American artists selected from exhibiting at UNTITLED galleries, the exhibition not only aims to offset the marginal position of the region’s art but also reflects on Latin diaspora artists’ role to envision utopian visionaries and alternative societies such as shamans and healers. I’ve been under spell of an impressive sculptural wall-installation titled Tropical Mourning by Ze Carlos Garcia at Portas Vilaseca Galeria from Rio Janerio.
From the roster of 100?? International galeries showcasing their artists at Untitled, Dio Horta from Athens (GR) catches my attention with a presentation of only circular paintings by 4 represented by the gallery international artists. I also find very refreshing artworks by Noelle Marson at Bleu Acier, Joyce Billet’s solo installation at a common space of the fair, erotic paintings by Josie Minerva at Latchkey Gallery, and a group exhibition at SVA Galleries’ booth featuring works by emerging artists, alumni from the School of Visual Arts in New York.
NADA has been an established and innovative platform for discovery of contemporary artists for about 20 years. Among many young talents enlisted by their dealers, I find very interesting paintings of Anastasia Bay at Sorry We’re Closed gallery from Brussels (BE). The works attempt to express the complexities of the world while linking ancient references to a certain formal classicism and contemporary world. My favorite booth at NADA is Anonymous Gallery featuring captivating  paintings by Stefan Hoza, large canvases by Kylie Manning, monochromatic text-paintings by Elliot Reed, and “Weed” sculptures by Tony Matelli.
Design Miami Fair shines light not only on high-rank functional arts but also fine art. Volume Gallery from Chicago features beautiful light-art pieces by LUFTWERK among other sculptural and architectural works by international artists. New series of moss-children sculptures by Kim Simonsson at Jason Jacque Gallery are playful masterfully created sculptures that are not to be missed at the fair. NFT has been a buzzing word in the art world this year. To learn more about this unique digital asset I recommend to visit various art fairs’ websites and look for featured by their partners talks on this innovative digital form of artworks.
To learn more abut art fairs and accompanying events google Miami Art Week 2021.
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