The dress captured in TIME !

The Belle Robe Company was founded, founded by Monika Obała 20 years ago in Wrocław. All of dresses are made according to the original ideas of the owner and made in a tiny studio – manufacture, where most of the work is done by hand. You can buy a ready-made dress or order a tailor-made dress.

The photo session took place in the palace in Bożków, in an romantic,rather whimsical setting. The originator and main organizer was Monika Bojsan. She runs a photo studio on a daily basis, and her extraordinary passion for working with highly talented people led to the creation of the open-air Palace Lights and Shadows Bożków . Outstanding artists from various fields meet here to create together. This is how the photos are created and find their way to internationally fashion magazines, known all over the world.

Monika Bojsan works with two hairdressers, Polish Champions: Martyna Bryk and Magdalena Gaja Kapelan – they create miracles on the heads of models. The make-up is done by Monika Węgrzyn and Ewelina Małecka Gad.

The photos show the St. Petersburg dress in black and white version and it comes from the original Belle Robe collection.

Petersbug black:

designer: Monika Obała / Belle Robe’s original collection

model: Marianna Drozdowska

hair: Gaja z Piastów

makeup: Monika Węgrzyn

photos: Monika Bojsan

zdjęcia: Fenne Velen

makijaż: Monika Węgrzyn

Petersburg white:

designer: Monika Obała / the original Belle Robe collection

model: Karolina Maria Klementyna

coif: Gaja z Piastów

photos: Fenne Velen

makeup: Monika Węgrzyn

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