Creation itself is the home we all come from, we exist because we were created

Creation itself is the home we all come from, we exist because we were created’  ‘Life doesn’t always give you what you want but it will give you what your soul really asked for on a deep level’ ‘I am most proud of my own life, that I exist, I am very proud of the things that I have the chance to have an impact on other people’s life. That feels magical to me, it is like a blessing. And yet the things that I am most intimate with is the creation of myself and my life, spend my time the way that I want, have relationships that I love and to be surrounded by nature. Creation of my life, being the person that I came here to be. I am proud of myself, I like myself, I feel integral to who I really am and I feel that is my biggest pleasure.’

Laura Hollick 

Luxury Splash of Art: I am following you on social media for some time now; you are a true artist and a walking inspiration. Your TED speech ‘You Are The Art’ is truly inspiring. Thank you so much for your time. 

Luxury Splash of Art: You said that everyone has the ability to be creative and we exist because of creativity – can you please tell our readers more about this? Do you believe that creation is in everything and everyone? Can anyone create? 

Laura Hollick: We exist because we were created. We have a soul but the body enables us to be here.  Everything is alive, everything is creation and there is a cycle: there is death and there is birth, it is the whole creative process. Art is harnessing the capacity to be in sync with life force energy and it is very natural… How do we interact with life is really the creation. Life itself is creation energy and art is the way of approaching and being in partnership with life. When we are in partnership with life we have access to intelligence of life, which means we can get inside, we can get visions, guidance, clues, intuition, we can see the bigger picture, we can learn how to heal ourselves. Art is being in relationship with life force energy.

LSA: We can learn a lot about ourselves through creation. You mentioned about the healing process and I would like to ask how you healed your acne. I am sure that art and creation played a big part in it?

LH : When I was in my early teens I had an acne, this was very unsettling, it made me feel uncomfortable.  I wanted to hide, it made me angry, I didn’t want anyone to look at me. At the same time, I did not want to be caged by the skin.  So I was ready to go through any process to get my skin healed. Sometimes, we have blockages to protect ourselves from something. Even if this is subconsciously e.g. we say I am blocked to live my dream. We block ourselves because we have not yet figured it out how to deal with something. With my acne, I had a genuine prayer and I started receiving guidance through art and through creativity to investigate deeper symbolic language of my soul. As I went deeper, I realised that I had to find the way for my soul to express itself in the world. And up until that point the acne was creating a wall because I really was scared, I was scared of people seeing me. There were all sorts of reasons but bit by bit through my own creative process I connected with my soul, I got to know it (the energy essence from which I come from) and built safety in that relationship. I could let it come through more and more. I could start building my life to reflect that and express myself, and eventually I had no need for the skin issue.  I allowed who I was on the inside to feel safe, to exist in the world on the outside. As result, I kept moving and I kept growing.

LSA: Unfortunately, not everyone is able to follow their heart and intuition because of the fear to face something they might not be ready to face. I meet people who are blocked, they would love to create but they don’t think that are capable.  They are full of doubt and blockages. Why do you think this is happening? 

LH: There are belief systems that denatures us and by denature I mean they separate us from life force energy. There are so many of these beliefs e.g. you can’t be an artist because artist don’t make money so why anyone would feel safe to put their energy into something that is not going to bring any money. Belief system create blockages because the life energy can’t flow through a lie, it might initially but it will be distorted, it will feel wrong, it won’t have that beautiful sacred geometry of nature. Blockages are the places within us that have been denatured, where we have lost connection with our true self, our true knowing. Art can be used to heal those blockages when we identify where they are. Going through creative process can open our eyes to see more clearly.   An artist is a person who exercises ability to discover what is going on in their own energy system to ensure that the life can flow through it and do the work that enables life force energy to get through. Artists know how to enable this energy. We can restore the true nature to our bodies. Blockages for me are just information on where we are out of sync or cut off or separate from our true nature.

LSA: You told us that we exist because we were created and you went through transformation thanks to creation. What else does creation and art mean to you and what do you want to tell others through your art. What messages do you have for the world? 

LH: Creation itself is the home we all come from and my message for those who would like to receive this kind of understanding is that, when we connect with our own essence, we are connecting with that creation energy.  When we express ourselves who we really are, not a version of ourselves who we think we should be, we are being an artist. Get to know who you really are because this is the source of your belonging, a direct line to you true nature, direct line to know your purpose.  Connect with you own true nature and find you own, unique creative way to express that, whether that means painting or creating an outfit or a meal. Find the way how you can express who you really are in the world and that’s when the world becomes artful. All starts from being able to tap in who you really are and that connects you to that home base of creation itself.

LSA: Creation is very present and important in your life but how it appeared in your life, what was the journey? Did you always know you want to be an artist?

LH: Yes, I always was the artist type of a person. When I was a kid I did not know how to connect in the world, I felt very disconnected and I never really felt like there was a home (even though there was a home, I had my own room, my unicorn, dolls I had things…). But I really did not feel like I belonged and what I started to do as a kid and I did this instinctively (nobody taught me that), I started to imagine. It was so beautiful and magical, I was loved and there was room for me, it was just magical place. As I grew up and I spent a lot of time in my imagination – teachers at my school always said ‘Laura has a very rich imagination’. I spent a lot of time in my imagination. At certain point, I was introduced to art and I remember of thinking ‘do you mean you can make your imagination real?’ I remember being a little kid that the whole world just opened up to me.  I created art, initially, to give myself a home. I was painting, drawing rainbow or unicorns whatever I was imagining and that made me feel that I belonged. And as my art evolved going into my teens, twenties and thirties I started including myself in my art. I started making costumes, creating worlds that are home to me, a space that I feel that my soul comes from. Art was always there for me, it is this thread of connection and it gives me sense of belonging.

LSA: That is very inspiring, thank you for sharing your story with us. I read that to become who you are you were a truck driver. Tell us more how it brought you closer to your goal? 

LH: I become a truck driver totally by accident. I applied for the job to be a letter carrier at Canada post. I needed money and the space to think about my art, being a letter carrier was the best way to help me achieve what I wanted – get paid while having the space to be in my own thinking process.  I was a truck driver for a year. Then they transferred me to be a letter carrier.  It was not my desire, it was not something I really wanted but what the Universe gave me.  Initially, when I got the job I felt like it was a punishment, I felt very angry. I later learned how to receive life and learn how to receive what life is giving us.  As an artist you need to learn that, otherwise you are going to block. Now I don’t resist creation, I can receive whatever is happening and let it nourish me. Let life in. Embrace what is there and you see how you need to grow.

LSA: Thank you, can we talk about your projects now, you are very creative and run and lot of different projects. Do you have one that you are most proud of?

I am most proud of my own life, that I exist. I am very proud that I have the chance to have an impact on other people’s life. That feels magical to me, it is like a blessing. And yet the things that I am most intimate with is the creation of myself and my life…spend my time the way that I want, have relationships that I love and to be surrounded by nature. Creation of my life, being the person that I came here to be. I am proud of myself, I like myself, I feel integral to who I really am and I feel that is my biggest pleasure.

LSA: That is very inspiring Laura. Thank you.  Talking about projects do you run different projects simultaneously or you focus on one project?

LH: I always have a lot of projects going on at the same time, in different stages. There is a certain point in a creative process where it requires my full attention. I compare it to a pregnant woman. At the beginning a pregnant woman will be able to hang out with friends and family, read some books, plan the room for the kid etc. When she gets closer to birth, more and more focus will be required on birth as it needs her full attention and then looking after her baby.  It is the same with my project. When I am in my creative process during a launch of a new project, there is a moment when there is a birth phase and it takes all of my energy and I am totally present, totally all in. Then the birth happens and the energy relaxes a little bit and other projects can start coming back again. I really honour the full creation circle. In the conception stage you start to plan how to proceed and then you carry it for a moment, you care about it, you give it everything it needs to grow and there is a point when you know it is coming. It is real, it is happening and that is the birth. When you created something and you birthed it, you look after it.  Solar Certification project I have created almost 10 years ago but I continue to care about it, nourish it and evolve it for the people who are going through that process. There are a lot of things and projects happening.  I create a lot so there is always a lot going on. I am doing multiple things.

LSA: I love your comparison. When being in your creative process do you often meet challenges and obstacles, how do you deal with them? Have you ever thought you are not on the right path?

LH: I had challenges and obstacles on the way and I have them to these days as this is part of life. Once we can embrace life as it is, then we can receive from life. I always felt that I am on my path and I trust myself. I completely trust the wisdom and genius of life even when things don’t go the way I would like them to go, or I make a mistake and think I could have done something better. I have a relationship with my spirit and I feel at home within myself. I feel complete belonging to who I am. There is a sense of comfort, ease, contentment and peace that is just natural.  We all have challenges but there is something underneath, there is a deeper source underneath the challenges that we face. I feel that I was able to tap in to that deeper source so that I am OK. Even when things don’t look good because there is a deeper route I am fed from. Deepen your relationship with your true nature, who you really are and in that true nature you will get the information and intelligence that you need to live. To find your path.

LSA: Is meditation helping you in your creation process. Why do you meditate, what it means to you?  

It can mean different things to different people. How I understand the word meditation – it is the way of cultivating consciousness. Art is a form of meditation, walking, being in nature…processing my emotions. Things that allow me to connect with that creation energy. So that is my meditation.  Everyone has a different way of tapping in so that would be their form of meditation.  We are naturally drawn to what we like to do. Imagine that you can do whatever you like without worrying about money – what would that be? That is your true nature. And that is your meditation.

LSA: Where is your inspiration coming from? You paint, you design your clothes, and you create different courses and projects like Nu Icon, Yoni Art, and Soul Art Certification (that is of course only a few of them). How do these ideas come to you? 

The ideas come from the spirit, I get guidance and I act on it. Anything that I have created and project I have created and completed (art piece or global art project) they all came from the same source and it is the creation itself, life force energy.  It is almost like a birth field, you tap into that space you are getting the information that what wants to be birthed to the planet. So, as an artist I am like a midwife bringing through ideas, visions and concepts that want to come to this planet.

LSA: Art is meditation and connection. What else do you do to connect with your inner self – can detoxifying body help in that process too? 

LH: I do a lot of self-care; I am really into nutrition and body care things that really support the deep tissue cleansing. My body can be a house for the highest level frequency to come through me. I want to be the best vessel I possibly could be for the high frequency energy to come through. When obstacle and blockages happen we will feel them in our body. They might be mental or energetic but our physical body will also feel them so when we care for the body we enable ourselves to be more creative because we are clearing out blocks that are in physical body.  To be able to bring through your true nature, the body has to be able to support that so I am very passionate about cleansing and doing things that allow our body to be in sync with the spirit. I want to feel that I can be as beautiful as I am capable of being.

LSA: You have met Richard Branson, what is the biggest thing you have learned from him. 

LH: He is someone who is living his spirit and that is the greatest gift that we can all do for ourselves. It is like you see the original, so Richard Branson is the original, he is living his spirit, and he is himself. That is a pleasure to experience. His essence comes through in everything that he does so I really enjoy witnessing that. You can be the person you really want to be. And you can do it as wild and big as you want to.

LSA: What would you like to tell readers of LSoA magazine and starting artists?

LH: I think we are all artists in that sense that we all have life force energy moving through us. If we embrace that idea that we are part of creation, we have creativity available to us and we use that creativity like a resource, in ways that we are inspired to use it. The way we can figure out how to use the resource of our own life, our own life force energy. Creative energy is to build a relationship with who you really are. Do the healing work so that any of the places that have been denatured or cut off from your true nature can be restored. And in that place where you restore that connection to the truth of who you are, you will be the original and you have so much to offer to the world. My message and my inspiration would be to just go for being yourself, discover what your true nature is, who you really are, how life wants to move through you, light you up. And that is success. My vision of the future is when we redefine the meaning of success and for me it means that people are in their true nature. To me success is the question ‘are you being yourself’?  I learned how to receive life and that has enabled me to be myself. Be myself in this world that to me is success. If you really want to be an artist you are creating things that no one else has done.  You are an original and if you are an original, no one else can prove your value, you have to own it yourself. The only one who can judge and measure what we are doing really is the relationship with the divine, our own truth. And when we have that, it is less scary but there is the feeling of willingness to do it because there is safety, there is love that is there and it is worth it, always.

LSA: Thank you so much Laura, it was a big pleasure talking to you. Hope that one day I will meet you in person as you met the Voice

Credit the photos to:
Laura Hollick’s art and concept created in collaboration with photographer Kevin Thom

Laüra Hollick is an Award-winning Artist, and Visionary Guide known as a Soul Artist.

After walking 10,000km on a Vision Quest Laura clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She founded Soul Art Studio Inc. as a way to circulate love around the planet with pure inspiration.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life- Laüra Hollick.’ She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle.’ Laura recently gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.”

Laura’s Soul Art has touched audiences around the globe through her Soul Art Certification program, Public Art Projects like the ‘Rainbow House’ and global events like International Soul Art Day, the nü Icon Global Vision Quest, and the Yoni Art Project.

Interview by Agnieszka Kowalczewska


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