Meet the Artist Michelle Ong

Since childhood, she loved to master something with her hands; at parties that her parents had arranged, she loved to consider guest decorations. She created jewelry from friendly materials for her girlfriends, relatives and herself. When Michelle went outside, people wondered where she got such a stylish thing.

Michelle Ong is born in a family of doctors in Hong Kong. They believed that the daughter would choose a serious activity for herself. At the insistence of her parents, she received the profession of a sociologist at the University of Toronto. Pretty soon the girl realized that the profession does not bring her the slightest joy, and decided to dedicate life to her dream.

Back in Hong Kong, she arranged for a company that imported diamonds, where she met Israeli dealer of precious stones Avi Nagar. Over time, they organized Carnet, and in 2003 Michelle Ong opened her own jewelry house ′′ Carnet by Michelle Ong “, which flourishes today. Her works are impressive with sophistication, elegance and femininity. They intertwine the cultural traditions of the East and West in an incredible way.

In addition to platinum, gold, white and yellow diamonds, Michelle uses complex titanium in her creations. She creates necklaces, rings and earrings, but she has special pleasure in creating brooches. Even if Michelle shows up in public without jewellery, you can be sure she has one of the brooches in her purse as a talisman. At the beginning of the journey, Michelle received an approved assessment of Joel Rosenthal himself, which obliged to much. And she carries the brand of her brand in life. Michelle Ong has been working with well-known charities, including the Hong Kong Philharmonic Society, helping young musicians succeed on the international arena.

Source – Facebook Art from the Heart

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