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Art, creation, passion… what impact can it have on your life? Can art and creation help in finding your way and purpose in life? Krzysztof Młodzik, self-taught intuitive, visual artist and storyteller from Poland, shares his inspirational story.

As a small child I loved drawing cartoon characters seen on TV. That was my first creative passion. My talent was often praised by my family, though I was never fully happy with the way I drew and eventually abandoned my passion.I remember an abstract oil painting hanging on the wall in my parents’ flat. It was chaotic, mysterious and intricate. I liked it for that, but thought I’d never be able to paint this way because my imagination was not ‘big enough’ and I was capable only of copying others.

Clearly though, since very early age, I’ve felt a kind of affinity towards art. I’ve always felt an urge to express myself. In one way or another…Football, writing my own stories, composing hip-hop music tracks and performing rap…Whatever I tried, the lack of self-belief, time and time again, pushed me to abandon it.

As a child I was well aware of my emotional needs, and often felt depressed when they weren’t met by my mum and dad. I was maybe nine when I first thought of killing myself. I spent weekends with my grandparents. I felt happy and appreciated and I could be myself with them.

In my late teens and early twenties, I rebelled a lot. Against my parents, against the law and the systems. I self-regulated my emotions through substances and sex. Most of the time I felt miserable and angry – I still believed that I wasn’t talented enough to successfully follow my creative dreams. And living ‘a normal’ life felt even more painful…

In 2015 my dad passed away. By then I’d already lived in London for 4 years, where my beautiful daughter Renee was born 2 years earlier. Despite the fact that I was never truly close with my dad, I fell into ‘a spiritual depression’. I stopped trusting my soul, lost my faith in God.

Sometime later, I stumbled across a YouTube video about spiritual themes. The guy talked about things that I’d realised 15 years earlier, but chose to abandon and forget. From that moment onwards I began my journey within. I became more conscious parent, someone who slowly began to take responsibility for his own actions and life.

In 2018, after 30 odd years, I suddenly felt inspired to create again. One day, I saw a post of one of my Facebook friends, her oil pastel painting. I liked the texture of that painting; it reminded me of texture of that old oil painting hanging in my parents flat when I was a kid. I decided to buy a box of pastels and not long after that I created my first oil pastel drawing. I found a holiday photo of sunset and thought of drawing that with an abstract twist. It turned out really well and other people liked it too. That’s how, for the second time in my life, I started my adventure with visual arts. And this time I decided to stick to it. It became an integral part not only of my self – expression but my being in general.

These days I paint abstract art, a style which I never thought I had in me! I use my intuition to guide me, to help me transform my visions into an intricate piece of art. I also create art based on people’s childhood passions and favourite colours, which I call Inner Child Energy Art.

I create what I feel, express my soul and its wisdom. Reconnecting with my creative self helped me reconnect not only with myself but also with people; something which has always been my massive issue as I’ve always feared judgement and rejection.

After years of struggling with lack of self – belief I also rejoiced in my love for storytelling and started writing stories for children. As I was diving deeper and deeper into fascinating world of spiritual teachings, studying curiously laws that govern our universe and importance and power of human soul and heart… I came to realise that I wished that I had known all of that on conscious level when I was a child. Maybe then, having such knowledge and tools to understand the world around me and my own emotions, my life would have taken different, much happier route.

Obviously, I know well that what I experienced was, in a way, perfect for me as without those experiences and life lessons I would not have become a person who I am today.

Nevertheless, I felt inspired to pass on my knowledge to others, to my daughter, and to other children. I’ve always loved a good story and writing stories, so I thought that combining these two things: passion for sharing my knowledge and creating stories would be a great idea. That is how my journey as a children books author began. Writing and telling stories give me tremendous satisfaction. My books always aim to inspire and empower young people, and help them understand their own emotions and follow their heart desires.

My future dream projects revolve around helping children and adults enhance their connection with themselves and their own creativity. I dream of travelling the world and organizing creative workshops for people of different cultures.

I also plan to write a novel in a near future and create a set of 78 paintings/illustrations for my own deck of tarot cards.

You can find my art here:



My children’s books are available on Amazon: Krzysiek Kris Młodzik

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