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The idea of the Art & Furniture project is to create unique and outstanding furniture in the design of are markable artwork. Highest standards in quality and working ethic is a benchmark to fulfill. The artwork is one of a series of artworks about emotional states of mind, here Passion. It shows pure flames

Passion shows all eye-catching flames in different tones of red, some blue flickering spots. It is an abstract reflection about the total emotional and personal concentration to one subject or person in one’s life. Passion may burn and hurt sometimes, may drive one to extreme power and performances. Without passion, humankind would not be there, where it is… in bad and good aspects. Passion may lead to misbehaviour, but in its best way it boosts you up. The wooden frame was produced by hand in Verona, Italy and upholstered in Prague, Czech Republic.

The beech frame is elegant, light and gives enough room to present the design of the artwork, but got also enough details and presence, that it will be part of the art as well. It was painted in black like the frame of the artwork.

Dieter: One evening in June 2019 I noticed a post of Bea on one of her designed chairs on Instagram. To that time, I was working on an art project about women’s emotional worlds and looking for interesting models. I loved the way she was presented there, open-minded, totally vibrant and natural. Impressed by that, I contacted her and we discussed possibilities about a photoshoot in Prague. Meanwhile, I got in touch with a producer of sports clothing from Pakistan. He was able to produce fabric of all kind and more exciting he was able to produce individual designs. I started to dream and think about possibilities.

Bea and I followed each other for a while and regularly stayed in touch, as she loved my artworks, as I loved her designs. One day we had a conversation about the design and art and came up with the idea to cooperate and to create something unique and extraordinary. It should be something mind-blowing. I came up with the idea to produce ensembles of art and furniture in the design of my artworks. I asked the Pakistani producer if he could deliver the fabric in my design in the quality we need. As soon as I received the confirmation, the Art & Furniture project was born.

We planned the first prototype in November 2019, decided which frame and artwork we wanted to go for, did the calculation, researched for all needs and regulations and started to work. We were and still are in flames for that project. By that, it seemed natural for us to choose one artwork to give the project the design and title.

Furniture from a new perspective – story by Bea Dušek & Dieter Hanf

Bea Dušek,
In 2004, Bea completed her University Degree, PhDr. of Public Health with an emphasis in infectious and non-infectious diseases and built her professional career around clinical research. Bea is art-oriented since her early childhood and maybe for that reason, she has an extraordinary sense for design. She recognized her passion for upholstery, while she lived in England during her professional career in medical research. As of 2012, she decided to study original upholstery techniques and started to produce her own accent chairs and continued with her production while she moved with her family to Wilmington, North Carolina, 2015-2017.

After her family relocated back to Prague, she and her husband opened family-owned Dusek Design Studio, focusing on hand made décor production for high-end clientele. Shortly after, Bea started to partner with Italian producer of luxury furniture based in Verona and to date uses their handcrafted beech wood frames for her projects. Bea also partners with the most famous fabric houses producing top fabric designs such as Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren, Williamem Yeoward, Osborne & Little, Nina Campbell, Mathew Williamson, Casamance, Camengo, Misia, Casadeco, Caselio and Texdecor.

Each project is hand made from start to finish and overall chair design is also hand-painted by Bea using special markers prior to production. Bea features her artwork in December 2019, attending Czech Design Week; was also invited to national Czech TVNova and has been recently contacted by several 5* hotels managers, to add her upholstery projects to lobby and bar areas (Four Seasons, Radisson Blue Carlton and Savoy).

Dieter Hanf,
Dieter got an informal art education by his father, who was a very talented amateur artist. He was taught in composure, conceptual planning and framing technics by Wolfgang Gödderzt, a well know german artist, who won several prices in art and design. Dieter got also an education in photography by two engineers of photo technics and started to work with fine art photography in 1978 as a self-employed photographer with his own studio. Dieter changed his profession several times but stayed tuned with photography. After studying philosophy and German language he finally works as a teacher today. Dieter did Fine Art Photography all the years without exhibithing his art. In January 2018, he decided to publish his artworks at LinkedIn and got wide international attention and invitations to exhibition straight away. He is one of the EDGIC artists and showed his art in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, as well as Zurich, New York and will be presented in Barcelona and London soon. Nearly all his art is based on photography, no matter if it refers to documentary, abstracts or figurative art. Dieter loves to play with genres, extend all limits to show hidden aspects of life. He loves to create big formats and large series up to 30 pieces. His actual project is called City of Gold – living in 2050

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