Women Rules The Night

Glossy “girl power, Missy Elliott and the Spice Girls were bursting into our consciousness. Models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell swaggered into New York’s hippest clubs, blew air kisses and retreated to shadowy corners to avoid paparazzi. The Night  and all  its seductions mirrored women’s new anthem, the iconic George Michael music video “Freedom.”Of course, not everyone at Studio 54, or on glitzy runways were superwoman  like Carrie Bradshow. She was hot. But Cher sparkled. So did Donatella Versace, a fashion empress who was hard hit by life–a daughter’s illness, her husband’s betrayal, death of a beloved brother—she still moved onwards, not to be denied. A muse to other women hoping to break the infamous Glass Ceiling, Versace was a trail blazer, a leader in the freedom movement. So was Anna Wintour , the powerful impresario at the top of Vogue Magazine. Iron-handed? Imperious? The Devil who wore Prada? None of this mattered. While Cindy Crawford and Christy Turington command the spotlight, Wintour quietly ruled—and revolutionized fashion. In Vogue she defined chic, what was seductive femininity—style, grace and strength. So give this Devil wearing Prada the utmost respect. Her influence on how come view themselves. She is the Tasarina.

Donatella Versace The Survivor

Nothing stopped her.
Moving purposefully ahead to bring the brand into the 21st Century, Donatella Versace bore the pain of her brother’s death privately, hiding her torment,  and still continued to expand the fashion company’s renown. Her Spring Summer 2022 Collection recently won raves at Milan Fashion Week, evidence that Donatella’s long-standing aim of making women “look powerful” in Versace wear is succeeding. Much like her—an inspirational force in haute couture.

Bianca Jagger Saying Goodbye to Mick

Those feverish rock-n-roll days with Mick are long over. Bianca Jagger has moved on to supremely higher ground. Once the fast lane life at Studio 54 ebbed away, there was much to accomplish, like trying to save the humbled and poor. Bianca became a noted social and human rights advocate. Besides founding a foundation, she’s also collaborated with Amnesty International, and now in her mid 70s, shows no signs of showing her efforts to help refugees and the less fortunate. Celebrate her. She is our better angel.

Cher  The Free Spirit

What does women’s liberation really mean? In a word, Cher. Her striding across a US battleship in a see black bodystocking—provocative and luscious—air imaginations soared. Here was a woman moving to her own beat, a freedom fighter. Cher was unstoppable, the symbol of a new age. The talent in such movies as Silkwood and Moonstruck, she was outrageous, fun, and alluring. We still admire her.
Grace Jones The Flat Top
Long before cross dressing became accepted, the irreverent One with a devilish flat top hairdo rocked and triumphed. Modelling for Yves St. Laurent, appearing in Vogue covers, Grace Jones even dueled James Bond…whew…She still inspires us with her “killer,” take no prisoners mystique. 

Carolina Herrera  Fighting Breast Cancer

Handbags. Shoes. Skincare Products. Jewellery. Vamp it Up! Carolina Herrera, active in the fight against breast cancer, is still giving us A Touch Of Love. Years ago, this international star invited us the “dream, the dance” and excitement. She has since continued to eclipse her former work—to be a force for women’s health. Now she is indeed a model for women everywhere

Andy MacDowell Gray and Triumphant

Sex, Lies and Videotape Lord of the Apes After winning raves for her acting in these films, Andy MacDowell had a second coming, saying going gray is “badass…” clearly telling women that flaunt their grayness…their wisdom and self-assuredness. She has certainly come of age—a woman of conviction and strength—to be admired by all self-confident “badasses.”

Linda Evangelista Overcoming

What a life! As she famously told the world, Linda Evangelista never woke up “for less than $10,000 a day.”That was supermodel Evangelista’s daily femidom–at least five figures and prominence across the globe. Voted the “Greatest Supermodel of All Time,” “The Linda” later sued CoolSculpting for being “brutally disfigured.” But body modification aside, she “still had modelling options” according to The New York Times. She did, and moved on. A woman to be praised.

Naomi Campbell Sisterhood

Their catwalk days thrilled all of us. They personified glamour and seduction. But now they thrill us in even more significant ways. Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford still sparkle—devoting themselves to numerous charities. Flashy magazine covers and Campbell’s appearing in Madonna’s book Sex may still dazzle us.Yet both women have written grander sequels to their life stories—the humanitarian kind.
Written By Kamila Krzyzaniak
All Phothos by Rose Hartman

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