Advancements from past to future

Painting has been known to humanity for many centuries and even for thousands of years. Painted in ancient times, in the Middle Ages, painted in caves and jungles, Paintings were more or less complicated, more or less sophisticated and created by different people. Painting traditions are deep and rich. In turn, photography is a relatively young field of art, which often seems similar to painting. In addition, anyone can take photos, as evidenced by modern times, when every mobile phone is equipped with a camera, and publishing our photo is a matter of a few finger moves.

That is why it is getting harder and harder to take photos of us that are able to delight and show others something new and unusual. On the other hand, photography is not about novelties and showing and reproducing them. As in painting, photography can only show us something that we know and associate with a different perspective, it can focus on something that we have not noticed before, even though we have seen it many times.

Capturing the world with a camera is about stopping fleeting and barely perceptible moments that pass through our eyes every day and seem so trivial to us. A good picture can draw our attention to something that has always seemed to us something unattractive. But that’s not the point either, because photography can show us everything and nothing at the same time. We can observe people, places, animals, weather phenomena or emotions on it. The truth is that a photo is worth to us as much as one detail, the reason why it delights us.

One photograph can be praised into the heavens throughout the world, and it can bore us, not give us anything valuable. A matter of taste and preference. However, many people value photos and this field of art for its ability to enchant the world in one pose. Taking a picture is capturing one moment, a hundredth of a second, and it’s beautiful in taking pictures. We value photography, some more, some less. However, hardly anyone can resist beautiful photos of different places and people, because it pulls us all to learn something new and see things that we have not seen before. We are also tempted by the awareness that on a piece of photo paper or on the screen of our phone we see something that happened somewhere in the world, at some time and lasted only a fraction of a second, which was enough to be able to spell this moment in a given photo.

Story by Kamila Krzyzaniak

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