“Unlocking Confidence Through Personal Style”

Justyna Krawczyk and Wiola Malawska from New Style Academy help with style, believing it leads to confidence and self-satisfaction. Teaching personal style helps individuals become closer to themselves, leading to increased happiness, calmness, and self-confidence.

LSA: Can you please tell me more about yourselves? 

We are friends, soulmates, and women who want to help others look and feel great. We have learned so much from each other; both of us have overcome challenging situations in our lives, so we are living proof that being happy and working on ourselves is truly possible.  We understand women and the intricacies of being a woman because, well … we ARE women! We are passionate about teaching women how to take care of themselves, but we also want to inspire women to have fun work, pay properly, and give opportunities for self-development. We believe in having dreams, and we also know how to work hard to achieve these dreams.

LSA: How did you start your business, and what triggered it?

First of all, we wanted to do something that would create value for others. I had the ideas and the vision, and Wiola had the skills I was missing…. Marketing, sales, PR. We realized quickly that it could be great to build something together. The timing was right – I was already out of corporate life, which I had worked in for many years, and Wiola was available as she had her own business. One day we met, and together we prepared a plan to open a school for stylists. My dream was to be the teacher, mentor, and guide for the students, and Wiola would be supporting “behind the scenes, ” providing all strategies and necessary support for healthily helping a business function. A few months later, the website was ready, and we built a program of online courses that could be ordered online by all Polish-speaking future stylists, from all around the world.

LSA: How did you meet and when did you start working together?

We can say it was a coincidence, but we believe there is no coincidence in life. This meeting was necessary for us to do something extremely valuable for others, but also for ourselves. We met a few years ago at a conference for female business leaders, and we kept in contact, as we had already started sharing our ideas for our business together. I wanted to create a “Fashion School” and teach others how to become personal shoppers or stylists, but I needed someone who could help me with marketing, sales, and social media. When I asked for that person, the Universe brought me Wiola. That’s our beginning.

LSA: Please tell me more about New Style Academy, who is this for and how do you help your clients?

New Style Academy is for personal shoppers, personal stylists, fashion shop owners and workers, fashion designers, and in general people who want to learn how to style professionally. The Academy is also for people who want to learn about the rules of fashion and style, simply to be able to help themselves. We help others to learn all aspects of this profession and give them the tools and confidence to go after their ambitions, goals, and dreams.  Work should not be boring! And working in an office is not for everybody. If you love fashion and creative work, we are here for you, ready to teach you the foundation and successful guidelines of style and fashion, and most importantly, to give you the strength to believe that you are the creator of your life. The nearest and only date of the spring edition of the training is 11-12.04.2024r.

LSA: Are there mainly women or men who come to you for advice? 

Mainly they are women, but sometimes we have men as students too. In the last couple of weeks, we received an excellent final paper from Arkadiusz, who wants to be a personal stylist. He received from us an additional award (5 stars) because he prepared himself well, showing his engagement and talent. We require the successful completion of an exam paper in online courses before we give certification. This is so that we can maintain a high standard in our courses and motivate our students to respect that standard.

LSA: Why fashion? What is so exciting in helping other people to find their unique style?

We can say that we help with style, but our help is much deeper than that.  When we look great, we feel so much better, right? But an image is only the first step to confidence and self-satisfaction. We believe that everyone wants to be happy. So, we found a way to help kickstart this path. We teach others the path of personal style, and in turn, this changes both us and them. Creating a unique style is about becoming closer to ourselves. When we are close and authentic to ourselves, we are happier, calmer, and more self-confident.

LSA: If you could turn in time or choose one fashion icon who would that be and why? What would you say to him/her? What would you like to learn from them?

Coco Chanel taught us how to be true to ourselves, even if the whole world has a different idea of our lives. We would like to say a big thank you to her because we know how much life can change from the moment we start listening to our hearts. New Style Academy is the consequence of this.

LSA: Lately, you have published the third edition of the e-guide through Polish brands, it sounds really interesting. What can we find in the guide, and who is it for? Where can we find it? 

Our e-guide is for those who are searching for great Polish fashion brands. We can recommend brands, people, and services we know from personal experience.  In today’s world, with an over-abundance of choice, we need help to find what is truly good, versus what is a waste of time.  Click here and download the e-guide we prepared for you:


LSA: What is your biggest achievement so far and your biggest challenge?  

Hundreds of students have graduated from our school. We made our and their dreams come true! What more can we say? We started from zero, so after these few years, we can say only that we are so proud and thank you very much for your trust!

The biggest challenge is to learn how to have a rest because we cannot stop ourselves from creating more and more!

LSA: When meeting with clients who look for her style – how do you find the right one? What do you have to take into consideration when advising others what to wear?  

We teach our students that the most important thing is the person. If we want to help our students, we must truly know them and get to know how they live, what they need, what they want, and what are her daily problems. Our classes and online courses are about helping others by using the skills of a personal shopper. All our students know how to understand fashion, and how to navigate the changing trends, fabrics, patterns, colors, and styles. That being said, first and foremost, our students know that on the first level, before anything else, they need to know the person in front of them, and our rule is to change their lives by helping them feel better!

LSA: What are your plans for the near future and what is the biggest dream of New Style Academy creators? 

Our dream is to create a better world. That’s why we do what we love because it transforms us, so it also transforms our students, co-workers, and employees. We have a good impact on others, and then they have a good impact on the next person, and the next, and the next… so the chain of positive events is in motion! When we do what we love we are simply happy.

We plan to follow this concept as much as possible and listen to ourselves. Then everything will be good.

LSA: Where can we find you?

You can find us here: www.newstyleacademy.com and

FB: https://www.facebook.com/NewStyleAcademyByJK/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/new_style_academy/

Interview by Agnieszka Kowalczewska 

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