Keys to your Soul – Keys that reflects your soul

JAMIE KOVACS – Contemporary artist creating 2D and 3D collages as well as paintings called the Andy Warhol of Collages. ‘I like to take the uniqueness of individuals and incorporate it with my unique style. Everyone is unique, so should art.’Jamie’s passion for creation started when she saw Andrew Wyeth Christina’s World in Kindergarten in art class. ‘I was hooked. My mom used to take us to the Philadelphia Art Museum, and I would always have a sketchpad and pencil in hand. From then I just kept drawing, and eventually by 10th grade I was awarded a Scholarship to take weekend classes at the Young Artist Workshop at Moore College of Art & Design. I also studied with a Master Artist John C. Klein up until College’

LSA: Jamie, you use a very unique technique in your collages. It takes a lot of time and precision. Can you please tell me more about it?  

JK: My form of collage is most definitely time consuming. I love it all the same. Every single piece of small paper is hand ripped. No scissors, no pre-ripping, no other tools but my hands.

LSA: What is the artistic process, what is the biggest challenge?

JK: The artistic process is mainly deciding on which portrait or object I do next. Deciding whether this is better suited as 2D or 3D. The main challenge I face is time and finding the correct colours of grey. I am very particular about the grey tones I choose from the magazine paper I have sorted.

LSA: You also paint, what is your favourite medium you use.

JK: I love to paint whatever my inspiration is, but mainly stick to acrylic. I find I have more control over the medium and if I make a mistake I do not panic because I can just cover the parts if needs be (need) be.

LSA: Where is the inspiration coming from?

JK: Inspiration comes from my extreme joy of music and film, the love of family and pet portraits. Life in general. My two majors were art and music. We know which one won.

LSA: I looked at your website and the first pictures I saw were keys. Why keys? What is so interesting in them? 

JK: My dream project which is looking to come to fruition is my Keys to your Soul Series. The inspiration came from my love for antique keys. I have always found keys to be a very interesting object. Most people believe the windows are the key to the soul, but I do not. Here is how I see it. Everyone has a different type of soul. Depending what kind of soul we have, decides on the shape of the key. The key unlocks the door into that soul. One hopes their soul is good when they die, but what if they have turmoil? What if they are unsure? What if? Each piece will depict a different type of soul, with backgrounds giving an idea of what is in someone’s mind and the key to unlock that soul will be sculpted to reflect that type of soul. Keep your eyes peeled. I am very excited for this as the series can go on for years. Kind of like an amazing book series. I want each viewer to think what kind of soul they have or even better, want to have. I want every person to be able to connect with the profound thought of the soul.

LSA: That sounds really interesting and unique. Can you please tell me what project are you working on at the moment and what are your goals for the future?

JK: I am currently working on a 3D Tom Petty piece which is 48 inches x 48 inches and has 3D squares as well as a giant teacup that comes off the canvas. Keep your eyes peeled. My goal within 2-3 years is to have a one woman show in London with the JD Malat Gallery, and then after that the Vito Schnabel Gallery in Switzerland, and then the end game is a show at Philadelphia Art Museum (a promise I made and intend to keep to my dad).

LSA: I keep my fingers crossed for your goals and look forward to see the 3D Tom Petty piece when completed. Now, I would like to ask you about being an artist, creator. Do you think that a man is born an artist or becomes an artist? Or maybe we are all creators and each of us creates something in life. What is your view?

JK: Both. I think some are born with the natural gift to create art, and some of us must train for that in which we love. However, anything we choose to do in life can be considered creation. In a sense, we are all contributing and creating and leaving a footprint on this glorious earth.

LSA: I could not agree more with that. What would you like to tell other people through your art?

JK: When one looks at a piece I have created, I want them to connect. Maybe due to the subject, maybe to the significance behind it, or merely the way it is done. Each piece I create has a piece of my soul. The portraits I create have a meaning for me, whether it is a human being or a furry friend. I will not give someone a piece that I feel it is below my high standards.

LSA: How do you deal with current situation; does it have an influence on your work? Is creation helping you in anyway to go through that rough time?

JK: I try not to mix my art and certain aspects of what is going on in the world. To me, the world is so broken, and I need the light to keep me going. So that is what I focus on. There are many people in this world suffocated by darkness, and then there are those that are still the people helping others and going out of their way to be kind to the less fortunate and animals as well; those are the ones that influence me. Those are the ones that give me hope and keep me creating. In the end, that is all we have. Hope.

LSoA: Thank you very much for your time and all the best for the future.

Interview by Agnieszka Kowalczewska


Twitter: @jkovacs78

Facebook: Jamie Kovacs Collage Art

Instagram: jamiekovacs1


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