THE ART OF LIVING – “The age is not my cage”

Life is colourful and has a lot to offer. To create the life we want, that’s an art. During my life time I was happy to learn that I can complain or I can allow myself to experiment something new, weird, playful that helps me to grow. Curiosity could be one of my names. My curiosity opened the door of Pandora’s box of learning. The content of this box is not a curse, it’s a blessing and it’s my passion.

I love being independent, I love having my way of living. My slogan is: “The age is not my cage.”  What if aging would be our secret power? Women live longer than men. They face the challenge of ageism in different areas. The beauty industry presenting perfect bodies and faces, that’s one of the pressure that make women feel vulnerable, insecure and unattractive. I noticed that for many women it is very difficult to accept a compliment.

“You are so pretty!” “You are so sexy!”

Compliment or disgrace? Many women feel ashamed, mostly because they are not happy with their bodies or they feel they can’t be or feel sexy because of their age or they find it sexual. Some women say they are too busy to be sexy or they even do not think about being sexy at the life stage they are on. I was listening to them and my curiosity started being on fire. Why is it like that? Why don’t they see it as a compliment? Why do they feel uncomfortable? The answer is in the questions. They do not believe in themselves. They limit their feminine essence and self-esteem to their age, to their figure, to their habits. Behind these limits there is a delusion, but as well a longing to be irresistible, appreciated, loved, admired. They do not go for it, they give up. I can hear very often:

I know, I can’t be sexy with my figure and age.”

“I am engaged with more important things during my day, and why should I think about it?

The body image plays a significant role, whether somebody feels sexy or not. But there is more. For me, being sexy, feeling sexy is something what is built in us. It is worth to accept, enjoy and keep it, regardless our age, regardless if we are in a relationship or not. Many women give up, but not me!

I started asking, doing research, learning, considering what I could do next. My research within a women’s group age of midlife and higher shows, that life changes, including our body changes inside and out, a must of being busy for somebody or something, or being rejected, create a loop of losing female self-esteem. I decided to elaborate my research findings by creating and testing a life approach: THE ART OF BEING SEXY.

Practising this life approach means to know myself, my needs, my desires. It includes daily self-care, check-ups of self-esteem, nourishing self-love, being compassionate, feeling and spreading positive vibes, being proud and do not give up being a woman. Not to take some things for granted or lost or as a must, but learn something new, precious, supportive, creating a new lifestyle to be sexy and healthy and fulfilled. I am not perfect. I have days or situations when I could do better. I am still learning and exploring.

Leonardo Da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Online working with women is something when I am definitely in my element, enjoying the process of creating, testing myself, learning new things, skills, learning about myself. It is always an immense excitement supported by visualizing Ladies who are enjoying learning online at their safe place, while being themselves, having fun, joy, laughing, breaking their limits and going for their wildest dreams. Something what seems not possible is transforming into an art, embracing simple but sophisticated steps, tools and techniques.

Agnes Klocokova

Online Motivational Life Coach & Mentor

For Ladies After Midlife

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