The creation process begins long before I make the first stroke.

‘Plans for the future? I don’t plan that much. I do not like planning I feel bored at the thought of planning. Life is so unpredictable that I know how I want to feel. What I want to experience. When planning, I feel like I am closing myself off to a multitude of options that I don’t even know about’. 

What else Adriana Laube – artist from Poland told Luxury Splash of Art magazine can be found in the interview below.

Luxury Splash of Art: Thank you for your time Adriana, it is a great pleasure to talk to you about your passion, The art and projects you are involved in. I am very happy that you will be part of this beautiful space that we create in Luxury Splash of Art magazine. Your artworks are very compelling, unique and special. You also teach other people to paint and draw but before we get to these efforts can you please tell me, how did your adventure with painting start? Did anyone show you this path or did you discover it yourself What’s so special about painting?

Adriana Laube: I was painting and drawing since I can remember. There was no beginning. Believe it or not, I remember correcting errors in pictures in newspapers, even though I couldn’t explain to my parents what I was doing – I was under 5 years old and had too little vocabulary, for example “perspective”. I didn’t know that term then. I was growing and painting – it was a natural part of my life like learning, talking, walking, etc. The first person who wanted my painting was my neighbour. I was 7 years old and I painted Ms Spring. In fact, that child’s painting was very similar in its expression to the present ones. I always had an overwhelming impression that I could do it (paint) that I had done it before.

LSA: What are painting, art and creation for you? And what do you want to tell others through your amazing work?

AL: What is painting, art, creation….? This is life. Life is an art. You just have to see it. Practically in all its manifestations: from food to clothes, housing, way of being, speaking, moving, thoughts, emotions, sense of humour, vibrations. We can be a sophisticated work of art or a cheap fake. Even the way you laugh or admire; it can be kitsch or artistry. Painting , and in fact , any art, should be like a breath. No separation between creator and creativity. Then we bring something valuable to the common space called the World – our thoughts, our philosophy, approach to ultimate themes such as the absolute or death, our emotions, but above all ,we transfer the beauty of fleeting impressions on canvas, something that is beyond words… This is what I try to convey over and over again.

LSA: Your artworks are magical, some are even fairy-tale like. Are there any painters you admire and who, specifically, inspires you?

AL: They are magical, because in my opinion so-called Magic is the order of the universe. I experience it myself every day, so I try to include it in my paintings. There are many wonderful painters whom I admire, whether for technique or message, but I have been in awe of one for years. It is Jacek Yerka.

LSA: Can you please tell me about the creation process? Are you facing any challenges? What are they?

AL: The creation process begins long before I make the first stroke of a brush on a canvas or a paper. It starts in my head or soul when I see or feel something, and then my imagination gallops and different versions of what I ‘see’ or imagine, are created. Not all ideas end up as paintings. It happens that “painting” them in my head is just enough. Quite often, unfortunately, the inspiration or vision comes before bedtime. Just right before I fall asleep, when I don’t feel like writing even two words to remember the idea, let alone sketching. I keep telling myself to remember and … I never remember. I can’t complain about the lack of ideas – on the contrary, if you could have a projector that would convert ideas into images right away … but there isn’t. The difficulty is fatigue. At the moment I have five canvases started and they are waiting because there are other projects…

LSA: You use acrylic, ink, watercolours…. Which medium is your favourite one?

AL: Usually I use watercolours on papers (in fact, anything that paper accepts) and for canvas I use acrylics. I feel that some ideas will look better on paper and others on canvas.

LSA: You conduct amazing workshops for people who want to open up to painting or spread their wings. As you write on your social media, anyone can paint and you prove it; your students write that painting with you is pure joy. Can you please tell us something about the workshop, where did this idea come from?

AL: The courses were created as a natural consequence of Night Painting. And Night Painting started during the first lockdown (March 2020) – I wanted to share (and still do) the atmosphere of my studio. First of all, peace at this time of fear and uncertainty, but also to distract people from dumb TV I wanted them to relax, calm down and feel connected with others while painting with me. And that’s how it happened. People started to write that they feel connected with me and other participants, no matter how far they are. People from all over the world join my courses. Many started to paint / draw with me. There were questions about the techniques, and then I thought about doing the course. I’ve been doing them every month for almost a year. During the courses, I show the basics using certain paintings or specific images as an example. And I teach using my ideas, because I believe that it is easier to teach when you are passionate about the subject you paint. In this respect, I am probably the only one in the world. And the participants feel pleasure because I make sure that the courses are run in a friendly, open atmosphere. There is no competition. This is very important. We do not compete, we paint for ourselves in confidence – and then our hearts open up.

LSA: Do you think that talent is enough to succeed? Perhaps talent is one thing and persistent work is another? Do both have to go hand in hand?

AL: You can be talented but what you do with your talent is more important. Talent is not everything. We are talking about art and good taste, broad horizons, intelligence, passion to create and not recreate, are key. You also have to answer the basic question: Why do I want to paint? Why do I want to create? For fun, to hang a nice landscape, to have a good time, to relax, to learn, etc. – that is great direction and if you choose to go that path the above mentioned aspects are not that important. However, if you have to paint because you express yourself that way, because you can’t not paint / draw, then good taste, broad horizons etc. really matter. And hard work is always compulsory, not talent.

LSA: Do you think that a man is born an artist or becomes an artist? Or maybe we are all creators and each of us creates something in their life? Can you please share your view?

AL: I believe that we are all creators, and as consequence, artists. The problem is that not everyone is aware of the fact that they create. And, without realizing it, it is hard to improve the sills. The key is awareness or the lack of it. It doesn’t just come down to painting, not everyone has to paint. You can express yourself artistically with life alone but you must know about this possibility first.

LSA: What are your plans for the future and what is your biggest dream, projects you would like to implement?

AL: Plans for the future? I don’t plan that much. I do not like planning I feel bored at the thought of planning. Life is so unpredictable that I know how I want to feel. What I want to experience. When planning, I feel like I am closing myself off to a multitude of options that I don’t even know about. I plan my next course and workshop during summer which I am organizing. What are my dreams? Go to Tanzania and see whales.

LSA: What would you like to tell our readers and beginning artists?

AL: My message to an artist would be to always paint what’s in your soul. NEVER “because it will sell”. It will not sell. Dare to express yourself. Whether it is just a canvas or a piece of paper. If not here, where?

LSA: Adriana, thank you so much for your time, it was a great pleasure to talk to you. I wish you all the best.

Interview by Agnieszka Kowalczewska

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