Hartman Rose – Iconic photographer a legend of both New York pop culture and the fashion industry. Now, at the TW Fine Art gallery in Palm Beach, Hartman is showcasing some of her most legendary shots from her time at Studio 54 Dubbed, Rose Hartman: Femme Fatale.

Grace Jones at a fashion show, NYC – 1983


She is a Woman who was thrust into the world of celebrities, fashion, and art and as a result she has given us backstage access to unfiltered glamour.  She loves fashion shows, it is thrilled to be part of them. Hartman knows her work like nobody else ”I am person who wants to be on her own. I know what I am doing”. During photo shots she is as discreet as possible, that is why her photography is timeless, catching raw moments make her work unique and incomparable.

TW Fine Art — Palm Beach Outpost

256 Worth Ave Suite 214 

Palm Beach, FL 33480

Open 7 days a week

Hours: 11:30 am – 7 pm


For TW: 

Lindsey Media – Lindsey Solomon 


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