Modern Painting And Hence

Contemporary painting is not only poetic, full landscapes joy portraits, still lifes or city views that they add optimism. There is also room in the art for dark visions, dreamy one’s ghosts, longing, melancholy and other feelings that are an indispensable element of human nature.

What hide the recesses of young creative artists?

It offers something not only for those who are looking for images to the bedroom, but they also are eternal optimists, and in art they are looking for joy expression and colours that add energy. Among young works, Artists can also find suggestions for lovers moody focus. After all, sadness or nostalgia is natural for human emotions.

Who do such pictures fit?

Contrary to appearances, moody, full dark colours paintings is a good idea not only for those who wear black and like sad movies. Such work provokes reflection, attract attention and pose a genius “Center of gravity” for light interior design in which pastels dominate. Contemporary painters present the theme of sadness or other emotions in so many eye-catching ways that each of us can find the perfect picture for himself. One that exactly describes our inner life.

Is the choice of a dark, dark picture colored? Good idea?

Is it suitable for painting in the bedroom? Of course  – on condition that he will still make us feel good emotions. Longing or nostalgia can also belong to them!

The Interpretation of fashion and art in the paintings of contemporary artists. Fashion and art are two areas that always go hand in hand. Eventually, clothes, accessories or jewellery can be seen as masterpieces, and currents and specific work may be consistent with current one’s trends. The relationship between trends and creativity is also manifested in a more literal way – artist paint fashion treats as the theme of your work. Let’s Find out what can result from such romance.

Fashion and style always matched!!! Nobody should be surprised by connecting fashion and art. For centuries in the paintings of the most outstanding artists, current trends in clothes, hairstyles, make-up or are presented interior design. It is thanks to paintings of Titian, Vermeer, Friedrich, Monet, Van Gogh, we can learn about fashion habits or various people epochs, look at details and accessories. In turn, Tamara/s paintings  Lempicka  or Alfons Mucha inspires clothing designers and stylists. Also today, artists willingly present in their motifs taken directly from the fashion industry.

Story by Kamila Krzyzaniak

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