The energetic power of diamonds

You can have a distance to concepts such as magic, esotericism, energy, or healing properties. Regardless of whether it is very large or negligible, the awesomeness of diamonds is indisputable. They are the purest crystalline form of carbon, formed in volcanic magma, subjected to violent processes and extreme temperatures. For this reason alone, they can become an object of fascination. Not to mention, of course, their otherworldly beauty.

Symbolism of diamonds Since time immemorial, they have symbolized greatness and power. Since they are the only precious stones that consist of a single element, they are also associated with purity and simplicity. Their incredible physical durability trans-lated into engagement rings – those decorated with diamonds testify to the eternity of feelings binding lovers.

Esotericism From an astrological point of view, diamonds work best on people under the sign of Leo, Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Aries and Capricorn, although their positive effect can be found in everyone, provided that they are open to such a possibility. Because diamonds are intuitive stones – they become the spells of our thoughts and intentions, they are filled with them and they share with the world. A diamond given with love and tenderness will focus positive feelings. Therefore, in contact with a diamond you need to be honest and sincere. Supposedly acquired in a dishonest way attracts misfor-tune-multiplying evil energies. In turn, framed in precious metal, especially gold retains positive energy, preventing it from dissipating. It helps happiness in love.

It gives the ability to concentrate, the ability to successfully implement plans, brings joy and happiness, and by giving strength and courage allows you to overcome adversity. It fills with additional life energy and inhibits the aging process. It cleanses the mind and body. It helps us to understand ourselves – provided we are ready for it.

Healing effect The healing power of diamonds focuses on eliminating pain (when we are dealing with migraines, muscle spasms, pain in the spine and limbs). It is also important in vision problems – it strengthens the eyes, helps in eliminating cataracts. Therefore, since ancient times, the chakras have been surrounded by these miraculous gems. In addition, it detoxifies blood vessels, supporting the entire system and harmonizing the body’s work. Diamonds make it easier to fall asleep and support the treatment of hypothyroidism – which is of great importance in the modern lifestyle. It relieves tension and removes blockages in the body. Diamonds help, but like all external sources of energy, they need the cooperation of our consciousness and of course require us to take care of ourselves – our body and emotions. Whether you believe in their magic or not – it doesn’t hurt to try and life will become more beautiful.

GENERAL IMPACT: lowers cholesterol, supports the regeneration of nerve connections (e.g. after a stroke), strengthens brittle nails, relieves inflammation of the gums, in hypothyroidism, in atherosclerosis, facilitates falling asleep, strength-ens the stomach and intestines, supports epilepsy, has a strong cleansing effect, counteracts blockages It supports the feeling of fatigue, weakness, lack of energy, eliminates the feeling of jealousy, adds courage and willing-ness to act, facilitates memorization, supports in spiritual crisis, supports anxiety and eliminates the feeling of regret.

But!! Diamond is one of the stone that is best coded, inscribes emotions and thoughts. Therefore, given with pure intentions and positive feelings is a blessing. When a crime is committed with him… it becomes a curse.

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