Mannequin-like men…

Here one night, in an atelier, a group of mannequins come to life and throw a big party. The secret of their double lives is closely guarded, so if an intrusive human intruder unexpectedly discovers their secret ball, he should be quickly… killed. The presence of mannequins in this piece is not accidental.

Compared to humans, these plastic figures seem to have more heart and empathy than their flesh and blood prototypes. Here is a brutal and shocking truth – people are less and less human, more and more like passive puppets, susceptible to influence and numerous material temptations. Beauty lies in simplicity and minimalism. Each photo is a record of a meeting: a model, make-up artist, stylists and finally a photographer. I like the photo to reflect what the time and place of the meeting brought, to convey the atmosphere of the moment it was taken – even if the photo itself is pure creation.

”Beauty lies in simplicity and minimalism. Each photo is a recorded of a meeting of many people: a model, make up artist, stylists and finally photographer. The photo should first of all tell about model, about emotions that brought us together in that moment and place, and as if it not sound like mutual curiosity because without the curiosity of other human being no real relationships will arise” said Marek Ciechowski

[Model] Asia Zogala: “I have worked as a model for three years. I have an artistic soul: I paint pictures, but I combine my passion with part-time work and part-time studies”.

Written By Natalia Jedrasiewicz edited by Kamila Krzyzaniak


Photography Marek Ciechowski

Model Asia Zogala

Art Director Monika Bojsan

Location Bozkow


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