I have no Talent

You either have a talent or you don’t. It is like black and white.

BUT… have you given up swimming because you don’t have the talent to win medals at the Summer Olympics? You do not run because you know you will not stand on the podium? You stopped playing your beloved basketball because you know that you do not have such talent as Michael Jordan? You stopped cooking, because you will not create dishes like Magda Gessler? Of course not!

You continue to do what you like, what relaxes you, what gives you pleasure and set your soul free because it is all about pleasure, breaking through and letting your soul free. Only and just. So what happened along the way and when did it all go wrong. Why someone decides to take the wind out of a child’s sails by saying ‘you have no talent’. It is heart breaking to see a child who is brought down. No one said that you can only do something when you know you become a champion. And who is the champion anyway and what does it really mean?

Every day, by defeating your weaknesses and demons (known only to you), you are a Master, a Champion. You are a hero! Once, I read an interview with a famous Himalayan mountaineer, a hero, a master in his own field. He said, he admired the courage of men who took on responsibility of starting a family – that, for him, was being a champion. He preferred to go to the mountains because it was much easier (according to him). He liked hiking in the mountains. Maybe you like hiking too. Maybe you ride a horse or swim. But why walking in the mountains and horseback riding or chess are considered “appropriate” hobbies and painting is “for children”? Unless you have a talent.

While painting you let go of the reins of logic. You stop following the beaten path; there is actually no path at all. The brain enters broader waters and finds completely different solutions. Painting and drawing broadens perception, allows the unknown, and teaches you to see for real. The greatest minds of mankind devoted themselves to painting in their free time. For example, Churchill painted. Not because he had a great talent but because he understood (like most intelligent people) how important the creative process is.

Children catch crayons and paints. They don’t need to be forced to do so. Creativity is inscribed in us. The same thing is with music. Give a child a can and a sticks – you don’t have to teach them, the drums are there immediately. Isn’t that puzzling and interesting? And then they are taught that: “they have no talent” And who is judging this? EVERY ONE of us, every single person can draw and paint and that can help in developing and expanding the ability to create reality. If someone has ever cut your wings – grab paints, crayons and paint. Paint as if nobody can see. Paint for yourself, only for yourself. Let the hand paint / draw by itself. Draw, copy masters, don’t be afraid! Paint what delights you: sun, snow, a woman with a cane, a mug, a bird or colours (don’t be just drawn to colours because it will not allow you to develop as much as you are capable of, you will be only touching the surface of your endless possibilities – I know what I am saying).

Talentless people do not exist. There are Creators. I wrote this text based on my observations from courses I run. I can see how people develop, how capable they are, how their wings start to grow back. Yes, they can grow back, just allow yourself. I will keep ringing that bell as long as I’m here and until painting becomes a common hobby. Then the world will change for good.

Please have a look at the pictures of ‘talentless’ participants of my courses who said that the last time they had a pencil in their hands was in primary school. Images were selected randomly.

I invite you to the Night Painting every Sunday @9pm (Polish time) – more information can be found in links below. Entrance is free.

Written by Adriana Laube (artist, painter)

http://www.adrianalaube.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Adrianamalarstwo

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