The American Dream by Leonor Anthony

The American Dream

Oh, to be a long-haired sexy goddess, my waist so small , my legs supernaturally long and skinny. What a life would await me if I possessed all the necessary curves, the bounteous gifts that stir men’s fancies – like pointy breasts that defy gravity .Being such an object of supreme desire I would live in a big-big house, constantly go shopping for Chanel , Gucci, Versace and all things sparkly and foreign , and live joyously in my Golden Cage. To always be looked at….to be the ultimate object… of desire. Oh, to be so beautiful, to be the essence of Barbie perfection. My Ken would honor me with his presence and incessant talk about himself.

Treat me like I was a fragile China Doll, a woman in his fantasyland, totally dependent on his loving care… He would explain everything to me . Could I ever fly? In such a cage, what adventures awaited me? Such thoughts, oh, what’s come over me, I better not have them…freedom…having my own voice, revealing my true self under all this …. surgery. I think I better go have a manicure…go to the spa…”see” my personal trainer…silence these thoughts.My American Dream is so-so perfect… so wonderfully man-made.

Oops, I better hurry,get to my facial.

Leonor Anthony
Instagram @LeonorAnthonyartist
Artist-in-Residence FIU Honors College
57th Venice Biennale Artist 
(305) 519-6247

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