What makes this eclectic style living room very functional and eye-catching ?

Despite a lack of decorative objects, as well as three focal points : a large window on the right side, an opening giving onto a boudoir on the right background and a fireplace surmounted by a work of art, in facing (a composition to be avoided in general in interior decoration), this living room is clear, elegant and exudes the sweetness of life. We will see why?

First, two English wingback armchairs from the 1940s / 1950s, covered with a cover of burgundy linen fabrics, with diamond patterns, embellished with a cushion of the same tone and a red plaid, facing to an English wingback sofa from the same period, in white fabrics, with brown and red flower patterns, topped with a heavy and warm mohair blanket, give a formal aspect to the room, without removing its cachet of comfort. The choice of two antiques such as a spinning wheel, as well as an old wooden chest, brings a touch of antiquity. The parquet accentuates the effect of intimacy and warmth. The coral-colored marble of the fireplace, topped with some antiques in silver metal such as: a pitcher, plates, candlesticks and glasses on a pedestal; as well as a dresser adorned with copper, pewter and porcelain objects, add a solemn note to the living room.

The large window diffuses all the light necessary for all recreational activities: reading, bridge, etc., because as you can see, there is no television, which is very tasteful here. Everything has been well thought out and arranged, from the balance lines of the furniture, to a variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical balances for the arrangement of objects and a good traffic pattern. However, in my opinion, it lacks a wide and thick white floor mat backed in burgundy and brown tones, reminiscent of the color of the armchairs and the sofa, on which to put the furniture, which would have added comfort and warmth to the whole of the room, as well as the installation of a partition and a door at the bottom right leading to the boudoir, in order to distinguish the two rooms. This example proves once again that interior decoration is a real craft of art and aesthetics.

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