Spread peace through art

Ram Krishna Agrawal is a self-taught artist from India – a country of varied landscapes and diverse cultures that has had a big impact on Rams’ art. Different styles, techniques, and traditions, folk art like Madhubani or Gond art inspire him in his own creation. He uses watercolors, micro tip pens and, by mixing ideas and concepts, he speaks through his art.

And his message is to bring people closer to Indian art and spread Peace and Love through it. ‘I love drawing and painting which is one of my biggest hobbies- it’s my remedy to heal myself with the frustrations of the world. Creativity has no limit and I want to be limitless’ says Ram Before lockdown, Ram treated art as a hobby but isolation gave him the time to focus more and more on creation. Influenced by Picasso’s work he loves abstract, however, it is his country and its traditional art that has become an endless source of inspiration for him. Since lockdown, he has had a few exhibitions both in his homeland and abroad.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ChitrakaarByRam

ETSY: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/shop/ChitrakaarByRam

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