Russian Magic

The fantasies are endless, the eternal, sensual sparkle fascinating women.

Lens Position: 2047

These enticements come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. The common thread is their illumination, how diamonds, rare pearls, earrings, and rings excite the imagination.Particularly Maxim V’s hand-crafted works. A visionary Russian jeweler, Maxim Voznesensky has long tried to understand the Feminie Mystique, what women crave in their adornments. He knows gems are meant to cast spells, and that propels him to be a dream merchant.

Meticulously styling each of his unique pieces, he’s constantly looking to discover the perfect combination of metals and precious stones. To combine the ideal mix of light and shadow. Voznesensky choreographs these contrasts theatrically, knowing women want entertaining surprises, grace, and playful color. But his pieces are more than artisanal jewelry. They are works of esteemed art, sublime textures and brilliance reflecting his passionate commitment to every individual piece. He strives to be extraordinary, and succeeds.

Story by Kamila Krzyzaniak

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