A train of spies, artists, and aristocrats…

A mystery to solve! Traveling should be an adventure or an experience of luxury. Perhaps many people associate trains with the transport of the past, but what the best of them have to offer will make you thunderstruck. Exclusive trains evoke images of old times when journeys were more than just moving from one point to another. They are associated with great expeditions like from novels by recognized writers. The most famous luxury train is certainly the legendary Orient Express and its route from Paris to Istanbul. The most famous train in the world, the Orient Express, carried the most eminent representatives of the upper classes and diplomacy such as Mata Hari, Edith Piaf, Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel, Winston Churchill, and as famous as him, literary hero, Hercule Poirot.

The luxurious train carries passengers to this day. And there are many who would like to travel with it. Kenneth Branagh started his adventures with Hercule Poirot from this train. David Suchet and Peter Ustinov, who previously played the role of the famous detective, also fell in love with the Orient Express. The adventure with Agatha Christie’s stories is characterized by the fact that once you start, everything else suddenly ceases to matter: the passing time, lunchtime – all this pales, because in the center of your head, Hercule Poirot, who is conducting the investigation, is comfortably seated. Your gray cells connect in order to find the truth together. But Hercule Poirot is not going anywhere after the dissolution. He will stay with you for many more hours, sipping herbs and curling his obscenely black mustache. The little Belgian will become a part of your life – he has stayed in mine for many good years. A perfect, not at all irritating, though not modest, self-confident man.

For over a hundred years, the famous Orient Express has existed in the minds of travellers all over the world as a symbol of luxury, a unique hotel on rails, which, while traveling between Paris and Istanbul, The Orient Express crew will be recreating the train to ensure that every detail is true to the book and making sure the hospitality standards are set high. During the journey, the passengers of the train will be served original specialties, as well as the best rare vintage Krug champagnes by the renowned Michelin-starred French chef Daniel Galmiche. Based on Agatha Christie’s novel, Mystery of the Blue Train, guests will be transported back in time, looking the part themselves donning 1920s costumes, on an unforgettable adventure across France. With a passenger ‘murdered’, they will step into Poirot’s shoes tasked with finding out who did it, how, and why? Spread across the whole train with actors disguised as guests and train staff, no one will know who is there for real, and guests themselves may unknowingly become a suspect. This journey will take place on the 26th May 2022. This rare and exclusive one-day event has been crafted by Ariodante – Ricardo Araujo, the travel alchemist that creates travel dreams, an experience that is more than a mere trip. It’s a work of art.

Written by Kamila Krzyzaniak

Credits: Photography Jerome Galland, L. Hakimian, Thierry Hugon


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