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Mama Kerr – “Mother of makeup” whose incredible creations took over TikTok in a very short space of instantly. Being at home, isolated and locked during pandemic, Mama Kerr started her videos, encouraged by friends- At first, she was lip syncing other comedians but quickly she realized that the platform is a great source of inspiration for her artistic side, namely, a makeup. ‘Lying in bed and flicking through different accounts of make up artists I thought to myself >>I can do that; I can do this; I can do that better>>; I just need to know what kind of products they use for their creations. In May 2020 I recorded my first video showing my ideas that were evolving really quickly. I had a lot of fun creating them’.

It is not only artistic make up that Mama Kerr is interested in, she is also very creative with headpieces, crowns and props that are all made by her. To be able to create such unique, incredible pieces of art you need skills and knowledge, and that Mama Kerr does not lack. Since early age she has been surrounded by art and her mum made sure that her only (then) son had all artistic materials needed to develop his skills. That awaken little boy’s love for creation and at the age of 9 he was taking part in drawing contest ‘all my work is all over our high school boards. When I was at school, I spent most of my time drawing and painting. I can also do sculpting, paper mache, clay making, flower, stage and fashion designs, wall murals, dress making and I am also a hair artist. I promised myself that I’d be a painter when I grow up but quickly realized that painters can only be famous when they are dead, so I decided to become interior designer, I love fixing, renovating and designing. Lately, I have renovated our house all by myself and I’m proud of it! But never in my life have I thought I will be creating art on my face and showing that to the world through TikTok.’

Like in every profession, there are challenges, difficult and easier parts that we love and loath doing at the same time. Mama Kerr loves creating original looks ‘mixing colours and letting your hands flow as you go. No plans. No sketching. Just painting colours and making contrasting colours pop out and detailing, textures. Adding my own headpieces is amazing as they complete the look’ . But ‘I can get easily frustrated with colours that are difficult to show on the video i.e. pink and blue in particular – this is my biggest challenge.Her head is full of ideas and big dreams ‘my teenage time and growing up was not easy because of bulling… I left lots of my dreams behind me, did not go to college… I was born as a boy and I am a 46-year-old woman now and I would love to have my own brand of paints and make up, wigs and be a teacher to all the aspiring, creative make up artists. My biggest dream is to be known as the ‘Mother of makeup’ and work as a makeup artist in Hollywood one day.

Written By Agnieszka Kowalczewska

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