The Balinese Hideaway Perfect For Coffee and Nature Lovers

Bali is a place where most go to relax and revive, a place to go when you want to be fully emersed in nature and culture. I talked to Munduk Moding Plantation, a 5-star eco luxury resort, that is a coffee aficionado’s dream.

Molly Schofield: Can you share a bit about the Munduk Moding Plantation and its unique location?

Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP): is a 5 Star Eco-Luxury Resort where Bali’s skies blend with the water of our infinity pool, the Bali Sea, and the towering volcanoes in Java. Where nature creates art. Incomparable views serenaded by birdsong and a choir of crickets. A hideaway nestled in a working coffee plantation surrounded by jungle. Here the real Bali is alive. Our unique and inclusive “MMP Experiences Programme” allows you to get close to the culture, nature, and arts of the Island. MMP has been named the best Luxury Eco/Green Hotel Global and our main pool was nominated by Asia Spa as one of the best 10 Infinity pools in the world.
MS:  I understand that the resort is on a coffee plantation – could you elaborate on the varieties of coffee you grow and offer your guests?

MMP: Our on-site specialty coffee producer – Munduk Coffee – produces the finest coffees in North Bali and helps our guests discover the full “bean to cup” experience, right on our coffee plantation. Beans are hand-picked when they are fully red, necessitating two or three rounds of harvest, typically between July and September. Our total harvest is about 1500 kg of dry beans. Munduk Organic Coffee Plantation was established by a Balinese and European team working in partnership to bring back high-quality coffee to Bali’s central hills region, thereby generating good incomes for farmers, protecting the environment, and supporting the local Community while making exceptional coffees. Guests can visit our modern processing and roasting facilities and learn all about our specialty coffee through our roasting and cupping sessions. Introductory sessions are included in our MMP Experience Programme – but we also offer tailor-made sessions should guests wish to learn more about specialty coffees.

A special treat is our wild “luwak” coffee. This is the world’s rarest coffee made from coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of a Luwak fox (civet). Luwak foxes eat red coffee beans as an element of their diet which otherwise consists of ripe fruits such as banana, papaya, and sometimes bird and chicken. Beans are found on our (neighbors’) land and collected by our team. The coffee is very carefully cleaned and washed. It has a very aromatic taste without traces of bitterness – it is prized from Melbourne to Paris. The natural environment of MMP (especially our forest area) has attracted a couple of Luwaks (nocturnal animals), but obviously, production is very limited and we buy some from our neighbors to be able to offer small quantities to our guests. We only offer “wild” Luwak coffee and abhor the practice of “caging” the foxes and force-feeding them which unfortunately is found elsewhere on the Island.

MS: How do you incorporate the resort’s natural surroundings into your architecture and design? To what extent do you feel design impacts the guests’ experience?
Following our guiding principle of “Where Nature Creates Art,” we organize our structures with a focus on an environmentally conscious approach. Each building is enveloped by greenery, including garden areas, rainforests, and coffee plantations. This design not only ensures guests’ privacy but also allows them to unwind and find tranquility while preserving the genuine essence of nature.

MS: Given the increasing importance of sustainability in the hospitality sector, how does Munduk Moding Plantation implement eco-friendly practices and initiatives?
: Munduk Moding Plantation is built on an organic coffee plantation and we are trying to preserve, as best as we can, the natural resources and the beautiful landscape in this area which, certainly compared to the South of the Island, has very limited international tourism. We have embarked on a journey to improve day by day and year after year our hotel’s efficiency and to reduce to the maximum extent our impact on the environment. We were one of the Green Globe’s earliest members in Bali and work with Bali’s premier green networks such as Book Greener, The Punch Community, and KemBali Becik. We have also officially been awarded the prestigious Travelife Gold Certification in 2023, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainable tourism. Over time, we want to reach carbon neutrality in our operations.

At Munduk Moding Plantation, we are deeply committed to the environment, and our reforesting activity is a testament to that dedication. Through this sustainable initiative, we plant a variety of indigenous trees, creating a lush, biodiverse landscape that not only enhances the beauty of our surroundings but also contributes to the overall well-being of the ecosystem. By actively engaging in reforestation, we aim to combat deforestation, promote biodiversity, and protect the natural habitats of countless species. Our reforesting activity is not just about planting trees; it is a meaningful step towards preserving the unique ecology of our region. With the involvement of our guests, local communities, and dedicated team members, we are fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and creating a positive impact that extends beyond the boundaries of our resort. Together, we are sowing the seeds of a greener, more sustainable future.

MS: The culinary experience is a big part of anyone’s stay wherever they travel. Can you give our readers a taste of what they can expect from your restaurants?
The MiMPi restaurant serves delicious Asian fusion and international gastronomy blended with the flavors of Indonesia. Warung Bongkot is our gastronomic Balinese specialty restaurant – the food is an experience in its own right and a testament to Balinese culture. Lighter fare is served at our Sunset bar and our Street Food outlet (“kaki lima”). Our Head Chef prepares exclusive “Discovery Menus” for small groups (up to four guests) in an open kitchen, especially for you.
MS: The Bamboo Spa offers your guests a place to unwind and relax. Do you have any favourite or unique experiences for guests?

MMP: MMP’s Spa team specializes in several Balinese treatments ranging from a traditional Balinese massage with essential oils to our signature Chocolate and Coffee scrubs which will rejuvenate your skin and muscles. The combination of soaring bamboo structures – up to eight meters high – and an alangalang (palm frond) roof gives our SPA a feel of the remoter parts of Indonesia – perhaps Flores or Sumatra. However, the interior is modernist. The four charming treatment rooms are executed in tropical hardwood, random Palimanan stone, and marble, 2 of them with large ensuite bathrooms each boasting a huge rock-hewn bathtub carved out of a single piece of river stone. The spa is a truly privileged place to abandon your body to the secular secrets of Balinese well-being.

MS: What makes Munduk in North Bali a destination worth visiting and how does it differ from the usual tourist hotspots?
Munduk Moding Plantation is built on an organic coffee plantation and we are trying to preserve, as best as we can, the natural resources and the beautiful landscape in this area which, certainly compared to the South of the Island, has very limited international tourism. We have embarked on a journey to improve day by day and year after year our hotel’s efficiency and to reduce to the maximum extent our impact on the environment.
MS: From horseback riding to mountain trekking, could you share more about the diverse array of experiences available to guests during their stay at Munduk Moding Plantation?

MMP: There are many exciting activities we have to offer. Guests can visit the Banyumala Waterfall where they will journey through coffee, mandarin, and flower plantations, as well as local forests. You can also climb to the peak of one of Bali’s highest mountains surging 1.900 meters above sea level. It has a magnificent Hindu temple situated in the rainforest covering the mountain. For animal enthusiasts we offer out ‘Lovina Beach and Dolphin Watching’ – this includes boarding a fishing boat to see the local dolphin pods; travelers will typically spot a great many dolphins within half an hour. We are happy to arrange tours further afield as well, including diving at Menjangan island, and visits to Ubud, Amed, and other places of interest on the island. We can also arrange green fees at Bali HandaraKosaido golf course (Bali’s premier golf course situated in the crater of an extinct volcano).
MS: There is a range of accommodations to choose from to suit any type of guest, but can you tell us more about the ‘Istana Negara’ (Presidential Suite) and what makes it so special? What about your exclusive pool villas?

MMP:Istana Negara (Presidential Suite):
It comprises a generous living room with an open fire, a separate dining room, a study and library as well as a huge master bedroom and outdoor terraces. It comes with a 12-meter heated swimming pool and a separate jacuzzi modeled on our award-winning main jacuzzi. Palimanan stone terraces intermingle with open nature all around, a private herbs and spices garden, and a plethora of flowers and indigenous plants, and is waited upon by a private butler team. The views from the Suite, the terrace, the pool, and the jacuzzi of the Java Sea are unsurpassed at MMP. There is a well-stocked private library and study, your dining area, and all conceivable mod cons.
One Bedroom Pool Villa:
The One Bedroom Pool Villas comprise a generous living and dining room, a separate bedroom as well as a heated swimming pool, and a jacuzzi with a Palimanan stone terrace set in a separate compound with its collection of flowers and indigenous plants and waited upon by a private butler. The views from the villa, the terrace, and the pool are also of the rolling hills and the Java Sea. Meals are served in the dining room with stunning views of mountains, volcanoes, orchards, and the skyline.
MS: To summarise, what is one thing you hope guests will take with them after their stay at Munduk Moding Plantation?

MMP: Situated in a secluded locale, away from the commotion, Munduk Moding Plantation offers an authentic Bali experience. Our aim is for guests to enjoy a memorable stay, immerse themselves in genuine Balinese life, receive familial hospitality with top-notch services, and actively contribute to our efforts in creating a sustainable environment.

Interview by Molly SchofieldSenior Publicist

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