‘Where my focus goes, energy flows’

Teresa Opiala – an artistic hairdresser and owner of G&T Hair Atelier, member of Association of the Great Hairdressing Salon of France whose work was published in several fashion and wedding magazines, contestant of L’Oréal Color Trophy competitions in Poland and France.

LSA: Your creations are unique and unusual; can you please tell me about your journey to become an artistic hairdresser. What triggered that urge to create such beautiful shapes and forms from hair?

Teresa Opiala: After many years of being a hairdresser, it’s tough to pin down everything in one single point or think of the trigger that made me the artist I am today. Many turning moments in my life have shown me the path to follow. In the coagulation of these long, beautiful years of experience, good and bad moments guided me. From an early age, I liked the art and beauty that moved my soul. I love delving into interpersonal relationships. I met many wonderful people, incredibly creative and inspiring, on my way. I think these aspects made me who I am now, a hairstylist artist. My work allows me to connect creations and interpersonal relationships. In addition, part of me loves the mode, which I feel it’s absolutely related to what I do, creating forms, colours and shapes. I am also inspired by history, nature and, of course, music. Our lives give me different shapes and colours that I translate into my work.

LSA: As a young girl did you know that you would become a hairdresser?

TO: As a young girl, of course, I loved to spend my time styling my hair. I loved combs, brushes and all the attributes of a young girl. There was something deeper behind it all, which was challenging for me to define at the time. It was a time of searching. My enthusiasm, joy and intuition provided direction. As a teenager, I was rebellious and did not follow other people’s whispers. I and my intuition chose such a path to follow.

LSA: Your work requires certain skills, a lot of knowledge and patience – working on photo shots with models to tight deadlines might be stressful. What challenges do you face and how do you cope with them? How do you stay calm and at peace under pressure…

TO: Preparing for the fashion show or the session takes time, and I need to concentrate on creating a vision, first inspiration. Another essential aspect is relationships with people in the artistic group. Once synchronicity is there, magic happens. Years of experience have shown me that when I am prepared, stage fright disappears when I have hair in front of my eyes and hands. I already know what to do, inspiration was created in my plans, and the vision is in my head. In addition, incredible women (models) give vent to everything in my previous assumptions. All people who work on such projects are talented and creative. Photographers, makeup artists, stylists, designers, and hair stylists are a machine of positive energy, joy and co-creation. I stay calm under pressure. Deep breathing and focusing on my work are best for keeping me in my creative zone. Nowadays, hardly anything can distract me during the creative process. I am fully connected to the present moment. Where my focus goes, energy flows.

LSA: You take part in different competitions and your creations can be seen in magazines – what is your biggest achievement so far and why?

TO: It’s been several years since my first competition, but I remember all my emotions, excitement, stirring inside, the so-called butterflies in my stomach. Since then, I knew it was mine, and I didn’t want to do anything else in my life. Because of that, I became an artistic hairdresser, not only a craftsman of everyday life. Just looking for new challenges, it took on such power that I was totally consumed by it. I was constantly looking for new competitions on different levels. Contests are one of the things that I continue with joy after moving to Great Britain. In Poland, I was part of the Association of the Great Hairdressing Salon of France, which is an association of hairdressing creators from all over the world. Belonging to an association was an outstanding achievement for a young artist like myself at the time. It was a turning point for me. I continued participating in L’Oréal Color Trophy competitions in Poland and France each year, where I met people from the fashion industry.

I also worked with a great designer, Natasha Pavluczenko. I prepared hair creations for her International Couture Alta Roma shows. It was a tremendous challenge. The photos of my work appeared in fashion and wedding magazines throughout this sequence of events. t was published in ] Empire of women, Kismet magazine, Atelier Ukrainian, Miasto Women, Awakening Magazine, 2 Best Style, Young Couple, Ipress Magazine Moda Na Slub. When I collect everything together, this great photo album opens in my head, the power of emotions accompanying these works and amazing friendships. Working with great photographers really captured the moment. it is an example, where working in a team with creative and dedicated individuals creates timeless memories that can be shared with many people.

LSA: And your biggest dream?

TO: Dreams are constantly verified by the time and the moment here and now. So now, I have a dream that is precisely in progression – I am opening the first salon in the UK with my beloved man. The salon, called G&T Hair Atelier, will be in Egham. It is a priority at this moment. The place will have a creative atmosphere for customers and my colleagues. My vision is that everybody will feel noticed, listened to and will be well looked after. It will be a place created for the needs of everybody to meet their expectation. My partner is experienced in interpersonal relationships and is very creative, so I know we have the perfect duo. Our vision is to create a place full of passion and modern fashion trends. We will be involved in competitions, of course, and photo sessions.

LSA: Words of wisdom for someone who is just at the beginning of the journey as an artistic hairdresser.

TO; Words of wisdom mean focusing on what we feel and do to avoid getting distracted. Having a vision and purpose is essential and practising your art daily. Believe in yourself and other people. Look for inspiration; refer to books, art, nature, and music. Be inspired by our Heroes and be open to new ideas. Help others to grow because we also grow with each growth of the inner person. Appreciate every adventure and every new day.

Interview By Agnieszka Kowalczewska

Fb: Teresa Anna Opiala

Insta: teresa_anna_opiala 

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