Always On My Mind

Always On My Mind‘ is taking place at Fitzrovia Gallery, from the 27th of July 12-6pm. The art exhibition, named after an old Elvis Presley song, is in aid of a charity called, The National Brain Appeal. The exhibition’s curator Harry Pye told us: “The National Brain Appeal help people with neurological disorders that one in six of us are likely to experience in our lifetimes. I have a friend whose recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and two friends with MS. I am now the same age my father was when he suffered a stroke and it feels like an ever increasing number of my peers are becoming full time carers for their parents – unsurprisingly then I’d be delighted all the works in this exhibition sold and the National Brain Appeal got some much needed money – but that’s not the only reason this exhibition exists. The last few years have been tough on everyone. When I find myself in times of trouble and need help to cope I turn to art and artists. For me, each of the artists in this show is a reason to be cheerful there is something about the way their minds work and/or the intention behind the work they do that I am in love with.”


  Magda Archer has made a text based poster print for the show, “I Miss You Elvis ‘N’ I Want You  To Come Back.“Meanwhile Francis Macdonald (better known as the drummer of Teenage   Fanclub) has contributed a triptych of Presley pencil drawings.

Twinkle Troughton has made an artwork in which the kick of Rock ‘n’ Roll is a bird. The artist explains: “Ever since I can remember, nature and wildlife have fascinated me. I would collect worms, caterpillars, tadpoles, and was even found cradling a dead shrew in bed at the age of five hoping it would come back to life. I still love nature and wildlife, with a particular love for birds. I can even find affection for urban pigeons, and when I was at university, I spent a whole term making work celebrating this unloved bird. The Elvis Impigeonator is a pigeon who isn’t constrained by its scavenger reputation, it’s dreaming big. It sees a life where it can be Elvis. And why not?”

The show features collage, drawing, installation, photography, painting, prints and sculpture. And the list of contributing artists is an impressive one; Magda Archer, Gordon Beswick, Sasha BowlesNick CaveBilly Childish, Matthew Collings, Alice Herrick, Corin Johnson, James Johnston, Francis Macdonald, Kate Murdoch, Carson Parkin-Fairley, Harry PyeElena-Andreea Teleaga, Twinkle Troughton and Tracey Williams. 

Always On My Mind’ is on at The Fitzrovia Gallery, 139 Whitfield Street, London W1T 5EN 

The exhibition is sponsored by the E.1 Brew Co.

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