Johanna Van Parijs – a contemporary Flemish artist establishes her life and creative universe in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Belgian-born Johanna Van Parijs is an artist, interior designer, and energy healer based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. We met at her art gallery and healing-practice studio in late February, during my short vacation stay in the village. Working in mixed media, the artist combines in her art various tropical elements of the coastal environment, wood, and photography, creating small or large scale collages, paintings, or unique sculptural 2-d works. Van Parijs's interior design style might be defined as eclectic, and although abundant with mixed materials, colors and textures, it appears very balanced and neutral. In addition, Van Parijs has been practicing healing treatments for her clients. One day I decided to experience Johanna's healing powers for myself, certainly felt rejuvenated and more grounded afterward, and most importantly, open-minded to let my creative outlets loose. 

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