The Old Manor

Behind the mountains and beyond the forests there were two brothers… These brothers, returning from the war expedition, promised that they would never marry- “Good, good, sir brother, this is your plan – you have no women in our cottage, vivat semper free state!” As you can guess, the men soon find themselves in The Haunted Manor Opera, written by Moniuszko, which is- by a strange coincidence- inhabited by two charming girls of the age appropriate for marriage.

Photography by Joanna Watala

These are some of the themes you can find in the project of Art Director Monika Bojsan and Photography Director Joanna Watala.  The inspiration wasn’t only the place but also the white cows.“I always bring animals outdoors”  The owners of the Manor, Anna & Ryszard Malinowscy collaborated with me 100%, I even had to move some furniture or paintings from the wall which didn’t suit my ideas” said Monika.

Photography by Joanna Watala

The romantic Gladishof was a place willingly visited by people of the pen – poets and writers. It is a place where history meets the present. The idyllic atmosphere of the old noble Manor in Gladishof is full of a charming, white, French breed of cow- Charolais cattle, which play a leading role. Models Karolina Winarska & Alicja Jurek were just a prop for these cute animals. However, they turned out to be phenomenally blended into the landscape. They resemble girls, milkmaids, a symbol of abundance and modesty at the same time. Everything in this works and remains in strict harmony and symbiosis.  Women whose charisma and spontaneity are emphasised by the white colour of their dress and glorious headpiece by Magdalena Gaja Kapelan works with animals that help her rise to the heights of excellence in her field. We can transfer the meaning of this work to the dimensions of human attitudes and life contexts. 

Photography by Joanna Watala

In art, we usually look for beauty, something that can keep us for a long time and make our senses go crazy with delight. Something once watched and filtered by your imagination will not let you forget about yourself so quickly! In art, we usually find values, those values ​​that seep through the material forms from the content programs of the composition. And when one goes hand in hand with the other, we find fullness. If something is able to stimulate our aesthetic sense and keep me in this state of natural euphoria for longer, if something is able to take us out of the routine of everyday experience, transfer us to another dimension, then we find HARMONY. In life and in art. 

Written By Natalia Jedrasiewicz

Photography by Joanna Watala

The Photoshoot has been taken in Piława Górna Poland at Palace Gladishof.

Team: Art Director Monika Bojsan

Photography Director Joanna Watala

Models: Karolina Winarska and Alicja Jurek 

Make-Up & Hair: Ewelina Łośko 

Hair: The Mystery Barbers

Headpiece:Magdalena Gaja Kapelan from Piastów

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