Each of us can be a connoisseur of Art

When we talk about art connoisseurs, we are faced with people who know about the sublime, expensive and well-to-do art. It is mainly about paintings or sculptures, as well as theatre and opera performances, i.e. areas that are rarely associated with young people, and more reminiscent of the older part of society,- rich and highly regarded people.

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However, anyone who wants to specialise in each field of art can become a connoisseur. The general definition of this word is about people who are familiar with sublime art, which proves the perfect taste of its recipients. The problem is that taste is individual, and it cannot be said that someone has a good taste and someone else does not have it at all. As a rule, tastes are not discussed, because they are our a personal matter and we decide what is holds the most value to us, and what appears to us as the peak of stupidity or lack of any value.

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Therefore, each of us can become a connoisseur in the scope that is most appropriate for us. After all, art is a broadly understood concept and there are many works that which can reach everyone. There are so many genres in music alone that each of us has our favourite band, album, or song. We don’t have to listen to classical music every day to be considered a connoisseur. We can also be a connoisseur of jazz, rock, pop, reggae, disco, and rap. But it is not enough just to like a particular musical genre, because a connoisseur must have a lot of knowledge on a given topic and a perfect understanding of a given music market. Why do we have to listen to whatever we get our hands on in each field of music,? We need to broaden our own knowledge to make sure we have heard a lot. A connoisseur is certainly not a person who has listened to one album, read two interviews with musicians and based it on that, believes that he knows everything. A connoisseur must have extensive knowledge of the field in which he or she works.

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It should also be remembered that many people will want to diminish the value of our knowledge and experience in each field of art. For many, being a connoisseur is associated with dealing with serious art, expensive and not always available to ordinary mortals. When we tell someone that we are connoisseurs of pop music, they will probably want to prove to us that it is quite the opposite, if only by the fact that we are in the field of music, which some consider to be of little value. We can’t worry about it, because people tend to try to destroy what they think is hopeless and contradicting their perception of the world. For many, a connoisseur will only be a person who has spent his entire life looking at pictures, learning about the lives of great painters, or someone who goes to all operas. The claim that you are a connoisseur of popular music may seem funny to many, but nothing is impossible, and it certainly shouldn’t be that someone’s whim and conservative approach to reality will determine what we do with our lives.

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Each of us has our own personal taste and there should  be no situation in which someone tries to diminish the importance of our passions or preferences. People have always tried to suppress something that which may have  no apparent value to them, but the role of each of us is to fight all prejudices and persevere in our own beliefs. If we have the appropriate knowledge about a given field of art, if we love the works, and if we can judge what is good for us and probably for many people in a given field, then we can boldly call ourselves art connoisseurs. Even if our knowledge and tastes focus on art, which may be considered of little value and ridiculed by others. Each of us can be a connoisseur of art!

Written By Kamila Krzyzaniak

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