Last Stand part 3- House of Dolls & Touching the Mystery

House of Dolls

Many times, when I thought about life, the analogy of a movie would come to my mind. I was wondering if we write the script of our life ourselves or if we are just actors who are being thrown with the script. Or are we just extras? We play various roles in life, not always the most important and not always the ones we want to play. We are slaves of our own beliefs, we succumb to the beliefs of others, to the psychological mechanisms and frames imposed by the culture and the latitude and longitude in which we were born. The more we sink into the roles that others write for us, the more we identify with them, and the more we lose touch with what we really are and what we want. My story is about waking up from lethargy, about the moment when we discover that we can breathe on our own, see light without filters, touch our skin, and see its true texture and shape. My story is about awakening before the process of forming into a socially acceptable shape is complete. My story is about a moment when we make the decision to be the director of our own movie.

Art Director Monika Bojsan

Phpotography Izabella Sapula

Model Feodora Obraztsova

Mua Kasia Maria Kramnik

Hair Martyna Bryk

Touching the Mystery

“The straight line is human; the curve is from God” – Antonio Gaudi. In the world of nature, a straight line is rare, nature delights with its finely woven shapes that seem unreal in their fragility yet turn out to be extremely spacious and full of meaning. Spaces filled with air in dandelions, or cobwebs, which are covered with drops of dew, seem to be a model for strings of pearls wrapped around the wrists. A structure full of lightness and freedom, changing with every gust of wind and (l) dreaming of light, appearing, and disappearing, suspended like drawbridges between the past and the future, dressed in misty tulle. Just like dreams, memories, dreams, and fleeting moments bordering on (non) reality. So dreamlike and mystical that we lose track of time, and we don’t know if something really happened or if it just seems to have happened …

Art Director Monika Bojsan

Photography Izabella Sapula

Model Lisia Dama

Hair Piotr Rybarczyk

Mua Kasia Maria Kramik

Art Director Monika Bojsan

Photography Izabela Sapula

Model Lisia dama

Fashion Gosia Motas

Hair Piotr Rybarczyk

Mua Kasia Maria Kramik

Izabella Sapuła

Psychologist, photographer, traveller. Curiosity about the world and growing up in a house near the forest had a huge impact on how he photographs. I am inspired by people, their lives, roots, dreams and, above all, the emotions that accompany them. I observe how with the passing time, wanted and unwanted experiences, the topics that are important to me and the way I talk about them change. Recently, real, and deep relationships have been especially important to me. Both those between people and those with the surrounding nature. There is a great depth in this that touches me. When photographing, I invite people to talk, but also to meet their own emotions. My intention is not only to create an image but also to confront the viewer with his own interior, with his own emotions and imagination. I do not live by photography and it is not my way of life, but imperceptibly photography has become my life. The organizer of the open air of Lights and Shadows of the Palace in Bożków, Monika Bojsan appeared in my life at a very difficult time for me. Today I think she was falling from the sky bringing Light. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with extraordinary, sensitive, and very talented people that Monika gathers around her. The open air in Bożków allows you to spread your wings wide, shed all limitations that restrict your imagination and soar high up to the skies.

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