Nika Danielska is an alternative fashion designer living in Wroclaw, Poland. She creates wearable artistic objects based mainly on skeletal designs. She is currently part of the impressive new work coming out of Eastern Europe. Nika creates sculptural costumes and wearable art. Her main focus is the body and all forms it can take. Her designs are often called exoskeletons due to her inspiration in nature.

. • Individual exhibitions in Amsterdam, London and Prague; 2014-2017; •

• Masquerade: A journey into the art and imagery of masks and masking, GalleryX, Dublin, Ireland; 2015

; • Costume Design at The Turn of The Century 1990-2015 exhibition; Russia, the USA, China,

Poland; 2015-2018; http://www.worldcostumedesign.com/

• Layers of Life: What is Life in the Bio-Tech Era? STEAM Project under American Arts Incubator with Amy Karle; Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw; April-May 2018. https://pl.usembassy.gov/artsincubator/, https://americanartsincubator.org/what-is-life-inthe-bio-techera-creating-a-more-resilient-future-2/

• World of Wearable Art Competition; the Under the Microscope Section winner and Runner Up to the Supreme WOW Award for the Ernst Haeckel’s Bride garment. https://www.worldofwearableart.com/2018/09/2018-award-winners/

• Innovative Costume of the 21st Century: The Next Generation Exhibition; Moscow; June 2019. https://innovativecostume.secure-platform.com

• The Big Squeeze: Corset as Art . Photography, Installation and Video Presentation Exhibition Curated by Laura Crow; New York; USA; Sep 14 – Nov 28, 2021. https://www.zaz10ts.com/the-big-squeeze 

• Baldpieces; project by @scottconradkelly and @ben.polkinghorne. The project seeks to break the taboo surrounding balding with magnificent headpieces designed to accentuate different balding patterns. Photographed by Rankin; Sep 2021; UK Invisible disabilities; project under iPortnus. Poland, UK, Island, ongoing.


Art Director Minika Bojsan

Model Lisa.dama

Photography Anna Kaminska

Make Up -Milosz Mlynarczyk /Osowsky.makeup

Hair  Martyna Bryk

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