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Do you know where to find furniture that is safe for cats, fits in the deco of the house, and lasts as long as possible? If not, MIOOU is your answer., It was created ‘out of a need for me and my cats. I wanted to buy a nice and functional scratching post, but none of the ones available on the market met my expectations. Therefore, I decided to design and make the scratching post of my dreams myself – says Katarzyna Szer, cat lover and CEO of MIOOU.

LSA: It is amazing to see people following their dream. You have decided to create cat furniture. How did you come up with ideas about design? Did your skills as an architect help? MIOOU: I wanted to create a multifunctional piece of scratching furniture to end the problem with damaged furniture, to give cat owners peace of mind and I believe that my design prevents such situations. Thanks to my product, cats have their place to play while the owner gets a piece of furniture that can be part of interior design. My professional skills allowed me to think carefully about the design of the scratching post and I considered many aspects of manufacturing and usage.

LSA: What makes MIOOU stand out from other companies designing furniture for cats?

MIOOU: The first difference is the aesthetics of the MIOOU furniture, it is designed to be part of our living room designs. The second is the functionality expressed in the number of possible uses, both for cats and their owners. The third is the method of manufacture which prolongs the life of the scratchers.

LSA: Aesthetics, functionality, and quality – can you please tell me what made you combine these three aspects?

MIOOU: Scratching furniture is designed entirely for cats, but I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t consider where they might be used. They are usually a visible element in our homes. Therefore, it would be good if they could also serve us, humans. I use the scratching hut as a portable coffee table, a footstool, or a storage space for a book or a newspaper when I relax on the terrace drinking coffee or reading. I also wanted the cats to be close to their owners so that they could enjoy their presence nearby and watch them happily playing and relaxing in their company.

LSA: You talked about quality, can you please tell us more about the materials you use for production?

MIOOU: As scratching furniture is used by cats, all the materials used in production must be safe. Mioou uses the ones that cats love most: cardboard felt and jute rope. Although they seem simple, they offer fantastic possibilities when combined.

LSA: And for that, you have already received a couple of awards, how does that feel? What are the plans for the future?

MIOOU: I want to develop my further projects in the spirit of ‘Design for Pets’ because our pets spend many years with us and are often treated like members of our families. They, therefore, deserve to benefit from solutions that are designed especially for them and meet their needs. The greatest reward is, as always, satisfied customers who share photos and videos of their pets using MIOOU furniture. The design awards I have received in competitions are also important because they confirm that my designs are appreciated for their innovation, aesthetic design, and functionality.

LSA: Where can we find you?

MIOOU: Please visit my website MIOOU (www.miooudesign.com), where you can buy my scratchers. I am active on social media: on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok as @miooudesign, where I post photos and videos showing the joy and fun that MIOOU furniture brings.






Interview by Agnieszka Kowalczewska

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