My Journey to Discover Complete Harmony by PATRYCJA KRZEPTOWSKA

Painting has long excited me, coloured my dreams.

Even as a little girl, I loved to create something out of nothing, to remake and paint. So eventually I began living my dream. My adventure with painting furniture began 15 years ago. At an antiques market, I bought a wooden table, for the proverbial pennies. I painted it in a berry colour and decorated the top with a painting depicting trees. Thanks to these measures, the piece of furniture has gained a completely new, extraordinary character. From that moment on, painting became my way to express myself, my emotions, often also a therapy in the more difficult moments of my life, a way to calm down and find my inner balance, to slow down…


After the painted tables, it was time for wardrobes, then chairs and clothes. The first painted T-shirt I worked on was entered in a competition I did not win. But a new idea was born. From then on, I started to create unique, colourful and painted graphics on clothes. Seeing my creations made me feel unique, very special. Wearing clothes with designs created by me made me feel special. I could express myself through an image transferred to the fabric. My clients were also delighted with my creations, which were very often personalised gifts. Such positive reception of my work gave me great satisfaction. Even greater inspiration.


In most cases, the client has a preconceived vision, a concept of how the chair should ultimately look like (from the theme to the colour scheme). It happens, however, that the ordering party relies entirely on my idea and gives me a free hand in the process of creating the furniture. I look for ideas and inspiration everywhere. I often sit down with my mother and look for inspiration together. Two heads are better than one 🙂 It just so happens that my mother is a very creative and inventive person, a woman with many talents. A lot of ideas for chair motifs are also hers. We have similar taste and similar artistic sensitivity – so we understand each other perfectly when it comes to cooperation. These are also priceless moments when we can create something together and bring joy to others. It is important in life to do what you love, what makes you happy. This is extremely important for internal balance.


To maintain mental balance, rest is also important. I rest while painting, I set aside days when I completely turn off the work mode in order to devote time only to my 2-year-old son. He is the whole world to me. We go for long walks admiring the intriguing world of heavy equipment (cranes and excavators) so fascinating for a child of this age :). We devote ourselves to painting and drawing together (he is the brain of the entire operation). He is certainly the colour creator and my main contractor, who I get a lot of joy and positive energy from.

I am very happy about this level of communication. As motherhood is quite a dynamic and time-consuming process, I would like to continue my creative work in the future. It’s my passion, and the most important thing in life is to live in complete harmony with yourself.

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