Valentino and Haute Couture by Ludi Holman

Some brands are faithful to their style from the beginning and do not change their foundations over the years of existence. They include Valentino – a brand faithful to femininity, elegance, and class. Valentino Garavani is the founder of an Italian luxury fashion house that was founded in 1960.

His first sewing adventure was to help local designer Ernestina Salvadeo, under the care of Aunt Rosa, who worked there. He had his first serious internship with Jacques Fath and then with Christobal Balenciaga. Next was the Jean Dessès boutique where he developed his drawing skills. He sketched a great deal there and additionally dealt with styling shop windows and private fittings. In 1962, the brand debuted its first couture collection which was shown at the Pitti Palace in Florence. The show strengthened the designer’s reputation and his position among wealthy clients, often from aristocratic circles around the world. Valentino’s style is delicate silhouettes, perfect cut, amazing quality, and that one particular colour, which has undoubtedly become a dignified competitor of black and white thanks to the brand. A noble red dress by Valentino is every woman’s dream nowadays, and the first visual signal of its owner’s charisma.

The style is extremely elegant and chic, but also romantic, almost fairy-tale. His creations leave no doubt: they are top-shelf, worthy of kings and queens. His inspirations are the female body, beauty, charisma, and personality… He tries to fulfill the dreams of his muses. Valentino treats each of them exceptionally, whether it is girlish Emma or sexy Kim Kardashian. However, he has been fascinated by Anne Hathaway’s personality for years. “She’s phenomenal. This is the woman I think about when I sketch my collections”. Currently, fashion changes at the speed of light. Designers barely keep up with the design. New trends every season… He, in turn, tries to be faithful to his glamorous women. For him, style is timeless. While Jean Paul Gautier was dominated by stylizations reminiscent of the naughty Amy Winehouse, Valentino remained faithful to the rule that haute couture fashion should have royal roots. Master Valentino is no longer the author of his fashion house’s collections. The design was entrusted to the younger hands of Pier-Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri. His successors, however, remained faithful to the idea of ​​haute couture – hours devoted to manually pinning and decorating creations.

Written By Ludi Holman

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