The treasure of Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in Africa famous for its mineral deposits with a unique blue hue, named after its place of origin, tanzanite. It is at least a thousand times less common than diamond and is found only at the foot of Kilimanjaro. As its unique deposits run out, it is believed that the stone will become a historic “heritage stone” sought by collectors around the world. In addition to this wealth, the country has many other wonders but the most important is perhaps the Ngorongoro Crater. It is called modern Eden and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is said that after the biblical flood, Noah released the rescued animals from the Ark on the territory of the Ngorongoro Crater to spread around the world. It is the largest ex-volcano crater on Earth. When it was active, eruptions tore off its tip about 250,000-2.5 million years ago. Ngorongoro National Park, formed on the rim of the crater, is one of the most important animal reserves in Africa. It is full of lakes, rivers, and greenery and is home to 30000 animals.

The necklace has a natural tanzanite crystal in the central and most important place. It is guarded by two Gamayun twins: half women – half birds. This figure comes from the beliefs of the Slavs and is a messenger of the gods, that lives near Paradise. Paradise is the plane on which the symbols of this work connect. Gamayun is all-knowing and seeing, she foretells the future to those who know how to listen and are open to mysteries. I sculpted Gamayun’s body in the shape of a crane (Gray Crowned Crane), which is the official bird of Tanzania. They have a characteristic red spot on their heads, that is why I have set rubies on the foreheads of half-women half-birds. The cranes colour is gray, but the crowns behind their heads and opened wings flash with decorative yellow accents. Those parts are adorned in the necklace with 24k gold flakes. A crane holding a stone in its claws is a well-known symbol in heraldry. It refers to a legend in which the crane was always awake to protect something. Over the Gamayuns there are enameled stars adorned with 2 diamonds on front side and 2 garnets on the back side. The fastening is decorated with a tanzanite cabochon. The necklace is composed on the strings of faceted tanzanites. It can be worn on both sides as the crystal is meant to be appreciated from all angles.

Written By Iwona Tamborska

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