Speaking Through Windows By Hieronymus and Rose Hartman

It is a city of glass, an ever-changing kaleidoscope of vanities, fragments, and brilliant reflections. From haute couture’s shifting sensations, to those caught in its fluctuating trends and movements, photographer Rose Hartman has immersed herself in New York’s vibrant fashion scene for decades. She understands extravagances, how glamour transforms our lives–especially when we gaze at fantasies poised behind windows. Her talent gives them life.
A Lost Love

Hearts are moveable objects. They travel in varied galaxies, reach zeniths of joy, tumble back to earth. They flame out, and the stricken realize love is more than sweet Valentines. It brings silvery sparkle and also captivating red bursts. These glorious eye candies, while delicious, can also be truly unfulfilling.

Looking for Inspiration

Life offers bouquets even amid the pain from losing a lover. In no mood for a party, this wrapped-in-yellow vixen with deep dark eyes sees confusion. Yet basking in a flurry of radiant light, she will soon appreciate those flowers, and smell their sweet fragrance.

Sisterhood is Symmetry

 A rhapsody of ginger–the painted nails, alluring eye shadow, and silvery beaded dress–all conveying the decadent brashness of living in a hedonistic world of illusions. Beyond the haute couture symmetry of those long braids, haughty cheekbones, and elegant turtle neck, there’s a sinfulness here, two sisters looking into the night…luscious pleasures await them.

 Don’t Touch, You Might Get Burned

 Electricity streams through her. The high-voltage type. So searing, in fact, the purple streamers start to swirl. The revelers at this wild party immediately take notice. She is that dangerous– alluring and exposed in black provocation that says, “Look at me. Touch at your own peril.”

 The Inscrutable One

 A goddess of sparkle, this mysterious, self-confident charmer is poised to stream through the night in her seductively-sequined, Mandarin-collared fascination. Those eyes sparkle, reflecting all sorts of secrets and unknowns. Is this burst- of-red enroute to an unmentionable rendezvous? Or does her distinct attitude portend other diversions? Only time will tell.


 Veils are meaningless. We know who she is. Just look at that pose. Defiant. Assured in her wiles and charms. She can conquer, awaken men, and lead them astray. Easily turn them into her pawns.

All were shot in front of Saks 5th Ave New York by Rose Hartman.


Rose Hartman
Instagram @Rose.Hartman
‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ July 10-Sep. 1, 2021, Domicile Gallery, Los Angeles

‘Studio 54; Night Magic’ Dortmunder Museum, Dortmunder, Germany, June 2021-Nov., 2021 (traveling exhibit/Brooklyn Museum).

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