How to distinguish a diamond from a brilliant and gain a safe, independent source of investment?

Everything you should know about the diamonds before investing: Diamond is the oldest and hardest from all the minerals on the Earth. A carbon is its basic building material, which under the influence of extreme temperatures and pressure is crystallized, transforming into a precious stone. Price of the diamond is exactly the same all around the world. It is determined on the basis of four factors, typical for each diamond. 4C:

 1C – carat

Carat is a unit of mass used in jewelry with the international abbreviation “ct”. One carat is 200 mg (0.2 g). The mass shall be given to two decimal places. The larger the stone, the more valuable it gets.

2C – colour

Colour is one of the most important quality characteristics of diamonds. Pure diamonds are colourless, but most contain ions of elements such as nitrogen, boron, manganese or iron. The scale of typical shades of diamonds ranges from colourless to yellow (the so-called yellowness series). The rarest diamonds are at the beginning of the scale and are marked with the letter “D”. Stone of this colour is referred as “high, delicate white”. Among white diamonds, the whiter it is, the more valuable. However, the most valuable are currently coloured stones, because they are very rare and most of the mines, where they occur, are already exploited.

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3C – clarity

It is important to remember that there are no perfectly pure diamonds. All of them contain impurities, traces of other minerals, cracks, and structure disorders. It is these phenomena that have a significant impact on the propagation of light rays penetrating into the stone. Pollutants are divided into internal (inclusions) and external (blemishes). Diamonds without inclusions are extremely rare. The most valuable are stones that have a FL – IF indicator (they are the cleanest).

4C – cut

The reflection of light and the flickering of colours depends not only on the physical properties of the diamond, but also on the proper processing. There are several types of grinding, of which 9 are basic. The quality of the cut is assessed by comparing it with the proportions and symmetry of the mathematical model. The most expensive and popular are diamonds with a round cut – called brilliants. The quality of the brilliant cut is determined on the basis of the shape (arrangement of facets), the proportions between individual elements and the finish of the cut. Based on the above parameters, a price list of diamonds valid all over the world was created – Rappaport.

How do you know that a diamond has just such and not other parameters?

4C parameters, in order to be reliable, must be specified in a Gemological Laboratory independent of mining and trading companies (there are only three such facilities in the world). Thanks to this, the investor is guaranteed the right assessment, and thus the right price and the possibility of reselling at a profit. We cooperate with all three Laboratories: HRD; IGI; GIA. The 4C parameters are branded in the laboratory with a laser on the main edge of the diamond (in Polish: rondysta). Then the diamond is packed in a tight package, which when unsealed becomes discoloured. This is a guarantee for the investor that he will receive a diamond with parameters from the certificate. The certificate includes: a list of 4C parameters, an inclusion map, a photo of a saucepan, a logo of the laboratory and an unique diamond number, which can be confirmed on the laboratory’s website.

Why is it worth investing in a diamond?

  1. Maximum concentration of wealth (1 ct = 6.5 mm diamond diameter – up to $ 70,000).
  2. Constant price increase – the most stable investment of the last decade. The price has been rising for more than 100 years.
  3. Diamond knows no boundaries – we will sell it everywhere at a comparable price (rapaport).
  4. A symbol of wealth and success with timeless value.
  5. Discreet wealth – can be purchased on a nameless receipt.
  6. Extraordinary physical properties – this is an almost indestructible investment agent (domestic fire, flood, acids, aerminables will not damage the investment).

 Is this the right time to invest?


1- In the last 50 years, the prices of diamonds have increased tenfold.

They were the fastest in price in this century, which was mainly due to the uncertain economic situation in the world.

 2 – Diamond deposits are running out.

In the next few decades, 98% of diamond mines will cease to exist. It is estimated that over the next 5 years, several important centres will disappear from the global mining map, including the Argyle mine, famous for the extraction of the highest quality colour diamonds (currently their price is growing at an express pace). Large white diamond mines are also being closed (e.g. Victor, Orange River, Baken, Jubileee).  Small mines in different parts of the world will close much earlier. There will be a significant decrease in supply, and thus an increase in prices, especially for coloured ones, whose price begins to grow exponentially. Soon it may turn out that a donated engagement ring or communion pendant, a family ring with a pink diamond (even a tiny one) will be worth more than 100 times as much.

3 – Why invest with me?

  1. Diamond repurchase guarantee.
  2. Order on the spot or within 24 hours.
  3. I know how to throw the investment into the company’s costs.
  4. The possibility of obtaining a specific diamond on request (we cooperate with as many as 4 exchanges).
  5. Possibility of binding the diamond into jewelry.

Who am I?

I have been selling at ATT Investment for over 5 years. My main mission is to make people aware that their wealth is what they have in their hands and they can take with them in their pocket, and then exchange and cash in. Every day I help people safely invest in what has been known for thousands (or even millions!) of years, i.e. gold, silver, platinum, precious stones and investment diamonds. I co-create products based on gold. Regardless of whether my client has a fortune or needs money, I am able to prepare a universal offer for him, thanks to which we find a common field for action.

What do experts say about investing in diamonds?

’’… there may be a significant adjustment in the prices of raw materials. There is no such threat in the case of diamonds, because their prices are not inflated by artificial demand…”

Rob Henderson, Chief Economist at The National Australia Bank

“… in 2011, the advantage of demand over supply was about 1 million carats…”

Rapaport Diamond Report 2011

“… and if we continue to mine diamonds at this rate, within 20 years they will be gone…”

Garet Penny, DeBeers Co., XI 2008

Investment better than gold! – feel free to contact me

ATT Investments – Sławomira Pochylska

Phone number: +48 780 061 704


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