The Return to Earth By Edward Kiersh and  Sasha Nikitin

Unraveling metaphysical puzzles, leaping over cosmic walls, plunging through halls of mirrors, and sweeping aside illusions, the Great Navigator has finally returned home. It’s been an eventful journey, complete with new recognitions and awakenings. She has tapped into the Loosen Line of Reality, floated past XYOO land, and sung the Song of the CreatorBut architect/painter Irina Greciuhina is back on Earth now–at least momentarily before living more abstractions on canvases, and taking other interplanetary forays. Elated to return from her irresistible explorations of wonder, searching for mysteries, and posing unanswerable questions, Greciuhina is seeing other inspirational artwork at the Moldovan International Biennale in Chisinau. Creativity is alive here, engaging and an escape into evocative dreamscapes. Follow her through these halls lined with experimentation and emergence.She will head back to the Imaginary, her distinctive realm of inventiveness. But for now be charmed. And enter the future.

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 Main Photo Irina Greciuhina

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