How The ‘World’s Best Ski Chalet’ Is Challenging The Hospitality Industry With Its Meticulous Design And Attention To Detail.

Chalet Zermatt Peak, which is nestled in the Swiss Alps and overlooks the Matterhorn, has recently won an award for its exceptional customer service and accommodation. Chalet Zermatt Peak ensures that every guest experience is unique and tailored, from the award winning gourmet chef’s menu to the private wellness centre spa treatments. I talked to Matthew Klaiber, the chalet’s Global Business Development Manager, about the chalet’s unparalleled customer service, its unique design, and the overall appeal of the Swiss Alps.

Molly Schofield: Can you tell our readers a bit about Chalet Zermatt Peak and its backstory? I understand that you have recently won an award, can you share more about that?

Matthew Klaiber: Certainly. At its core, Chalet Zermatt Peak is about delivering exceptional client experience. Architecturally designed and constructed, the chalet itself is perched above Zermatt village, providing breathtaking views of the iconic Matterhorn and the village. Boasting six floors, five double bedrooms, ceiling-to-floor windows, a sky observatory roof, an indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi, and a wellness centre, along with our dedicated team, we are set up to deliver that extraordinary client experience. We are honoured to have been recognized as the “World’s Best Ski Chalet” at the prestigious World Ski Awards for four consecutive years. This accolade is a testament to the dedication and attention to detail exhibited by our team.

MS: What inspired the design and architecture of the Chalet Zermatt Peak? Was the intention that it blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the surroundings?

MK: Absolutely, blending seamlessly with the natural beauty of Zermatt was a paramount consideration in the design of Chalet Zermatt Peak. The chalet draws inspiration from the surrounding environment, paying homage to the majestic Matterhorn, which serves as the centerpiece of the picturesque landscape. The aim was not only to meet but exceed the expectations of our guests in terms of both design form and function, considering the luxury segment we cater to. The result is a stunning chalet that exudes elegance without being overstated, situated in a coveted location. The use of local materials was prioritised and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of ecological and sustainable design, ensuring a continual enhancement of the chalet. Privacy was another key design factor, providing guests the option to be in the heart of the village or enjoy solitude with the mountains.

MS: Can you share some unique features of the chalet in terms of amenities that cater to both ski enthusiasts and those seeking a luxurious retreat?

MK: Chalet Zermatt Peak boasts a private wellness center that includes an indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi, a full gymnasium, and spa treatment rooms, catering to both ski enthusiasts and those seeking a luxurious retreat. A carefully curated wine cellar, managed by our knowledgeable Chalet Manager, complements our award winning Chef’s culinary creations. While these amenities are impressive, what truly sets us apart is our team’s relentless focus on delivering an unparalleled client experience. It demands a highly trained and functioning team with exceptional attention to detail, ensuring that each guest enjoys not only the physical luxuries but also a seamless and memorable stay.

MS: The observatory roof is a captivating touch. What was the inspiration behind incorporating such a feature, and how does it enhance the overall guest experience?

MK: The observatory roof at Chalet Zermatt Peak was inspired by the desire to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the surrounding mountains. This unique feature invites the outside in, providing our clients with a sense of being part of the natural environment. Particularly popular among families with children, the observatory roof adds an extra layer of enchantment for all our guests. The other guest’s favourite is the glass roof in the living area. It allows for uninterrupted views of the Matterhorn from both the lounge and dining spaces. It also captures the natural sunlight at all times of the year.

MS: Tell us about the culinary experiences offered at the chalet. How does the cuisine reflect the local flavors?

MK: Our culinary experiences at Chalet Zermatt Peak are a celebration of both international and local flavors. Our Chefs craft menus that are tailored to each guest. You can expect them to showcase the richness of local ingredients while incorporating global influences. We prioritise using fresh, seasonal produce from the region, ensuring that each dish reflects the authenticity and vibrancy of the local culinary scene.

MS: In what ways does the chalet prioritise privacy and exclusivity for its guests, ensuring a serene and intimate atmosphere throughout their stay?

MK: Privacy and exclusivity are foundational to the Chalet Zermatt Peak experience. Our strategic location, discreet team, and Zermatt’s traditional ambiance cater to discerning guests who appreciate understated luxury. We prioritise creating an intimate atmosphere, allowing guests to choose between being in the heart of the village and enjoying a serene retreat with the mountains as their sole companions.

MS: Could you share any anecdotes or stories about memorable guest experiences that highlight the unique charm and hospitality of the chalet?

MK: Well, acknowledging our commitment to guest privacy, I can still share some reflections. An aspect that truly stands out is how our guests seem to transform by night two or three. They begin to treat Chalet Zermatt Peak as their own, embracing the unique charm and hospitality we offer. It’s immensely rewarding to witness busy clients coming tougher with family or friends to reconnect and spend precious time together in an environment we’ve cultivated to foster relaxation and a sense of connection and belonging.

MS: The Swiss Alps are known for their stunning landscapes. How does the chalet maximize its scenic location to create breathtaking views and unforgettable moments for guests?

MK: The stunning landscapes of the Swiss Alps provide an incredible backdrop for Chalet Zermatt Peak, and we’ve strategically designed the chalet to maximize its location. Ceiling-to-floor windows throughout the chalet offer uninterrupted views of the surrounding beauty, especially the iconic Matterhorn. Whether our guests are enjoying the private wellness center, relaxing in the indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi, or simply unwinding in the chalet, they are enveloped in breathtaking views. We believe these vistas contribute to the creation of unforgettable moments, making our guests’ stay truly remarkable.


MS: Finally, how do you define luxury travel and how do you feel art and design intertwine?

MK: For us, luxury travel is about providing an unparalleled experience that transcends the ordinary. It’s not just about opulence but also meticulous attention to detail, personalised service, and the creation of memorable moments. Art and design play a pivotal role and every element is curated with precision and purpose. Art and design are the tools we use to craft an immersive and enchanting experience for our guests.

Interview by Molly Schofield

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