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Michael Gregorjev Murn, born in 1994, is a remarkably versatile artist and entrepreneur whose influence spans many creative and business domains. With a prolific output of over 5,000 artworks, including paintings, drawings, photographs, poetry, and sculptures, Murn’s artistic endeavours have earned him a global presence. He has headlined numerous solo exhibitions and contributed internationally to over 100 group shows. Murn’s entrepreneurial acumen is equally impressive. As the President of AAMI Corporation, he leads a diverse portfolio of businesses across several countries, showcasing his strategic vision and leadership. His role as Art Director at Mega-Graf Ltd. and Director of MGM International Business further highlights his capacity to merge creativity with commerce. Additionally, he holds influential positions in several cultural and business organizations, driving innovation and growth.

Murn is a respected lecturer and board advisor in academia. He imparts his extensive knowledge to students and professionals alike. His commitment to philanthropy is evident through his active involvement in numerous charitable projects, demonstrating his dedication to giving back to the community. Murn’s list of accolades is extensive. He is the Founding President of Rotary Club Ljubljana International and has been knighted with the Carantanian Order of Saint George. Michael Gregorjev Murn is a multi-talented visionary who continually redefines the boundaries of art and business with his relentless creativity and leadership.

LSA: Your artistic portfolio spans various mediums, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and writing. Could you tell us about your creative process and how you navigate between these different forms of expression?

Michael Gregorjev Murn: “My artistic journey defies limits, embracing painting, sculpture, photography, writing, and digital graphics. It begins with emotional or intellectual prompts, guiding me to the right medium. Canvas captures fluid emotions, sculpture explores tangibility, while photography freezes fleeting moments. Digital graphics blend tradition with technology, and writing adds narrative depth to my visual explorations.”

LSA: With over 5,000 artworks in your opus and numerous exhibitions, how do you ensure each piece remains unique and resonates with your audience? Please tell us about the process of creating from beginning to finish.

MGM: With many artworks in my collection and numerous exhibitions under my belt, each new piece aims to elicit a response and convey a part of myself. It begins with a unique and profoundly personal concept, sparking a constant dialogue between the material and the idea. This ensures that every piece, despite its abundance, remains distinct and carries my essence. Actively engaging with my audience, their interpretations inform and enrich my work, forming a cyclical process where feedback and reflection are vital. Themed collections like ‘The Great Wall Collection,’ ‘Yugoslavia Collection,’ and ‘Game of Light Collection’ play a pivotal role, allowing for a deeper exploration of specific themes. Detailed in my monograph, these collections will be exclusively showcased at my solo exhibition at Miart Gallery in London this May. Miart Gallery, founded by Ms. Irem Deniz, is a prominent hub for contemporary and modern art in Mayfair on St. James’s Street.

LSA: As an artist and a businessman, how do you balance your creative pursuits with your responsibilities in managing multiple companies and brands across numerous countries? MGM: Balancing art and business is a delicate task requiring constant attention and alignment. My business endeavours are intertwined with my artistic philosophy, serving as extensions of my creative self. This connection is vital as I manage multiple companies and brands across various countries. Effective time management and delegation are essential; a dedicated team under AAMI Corporation supports them. With successful art biennales like ART Expo Ljubljana and the upcoming ART Expo Trieste, along with the addition of ART Expo Graz in 2026, my artistic vision and business pursuits synergise, fostering growth and creativity while ensuring success in both realms.

LSA: Your involvement in various associations and organisations reflects a commitment to social welfare and international diplomacy. How do you see art and business intersecting in contributing to these efforts?

MGM: Art and business converge with remarkable impact, possessing the power to influence, shape perspectives, and drive change. My involvement in various associations and organisations reflects this belief. Through art, I seek to provoke thought, foster empathy, and deepen my understanding of social issues. I advocate for ethical practices, sustainability, and community engagement in business. Over the past decade, my leadership role in Rotary, particularly as the founding president of Rotary Club Ljubljana International, underscores my commitment to social responsibility and humanitarian efforts. Together, we champion the arts and ethical business practices and undertake initiatives that tangibly improve lives.

LSA: Could you share a memorable experience from one of your international exhibitions or collaborations that significantly influenced your artistic or business endeavours?

MGM: A pivotal moment in my artistic and business journey was ART Expo Ljubljana in October 2023. This event marked a significant turning point, providing ample exhibition space to showcase my work and share my artistic plans. Through this event, I forged valuable connections with fellow artists and organisations, enriching my creative endeavours. Additionally, ART Expo Ljubljana facilitated numerous partnerships with companies like BTC d.d., a steadfast supporter and General Partner of MGM Exhibitions.

LSA: You’ve published five books and are involved in various editorial roles. How does your writing complement your visual art, and how do you see these two forms of expression influencing each other?

MGM: Writing enhances my visual art, offering depth and context to share my worldview. Focused on poetry, satire, and philosophical essays, my writing complements the themes in my art. As editor-in-chief of the AAMI Times cultural newspaper, distributed during my London show, I merge art and business, featuring interviews and stories benefiting the community. This synergy between my visual and written work forms a holistic expression of my creativity, enabling better communication with my audience.

LSA: How do you integrate your knowledge as a lecturer and developer of new brand concepts?

MGM: My lectures and brand development fuse insights from my artistic and business backgrounds to stimulate creativity and innovation. Though I’ve reduced my lecturing, I remain active as a keynote speaker at notable events like the TIA Summit in Bangalore, India, where I serve on the advisory board. This conference, dedicated to sustainable city development, aligns with my expertise in integrating culture sustainably into urban environments. This approach enriches my consultancy work, emphasising aesthetics, narrative, and ethical considerations in successful brand and concept development.

Interview written by Kamila Krzyzaniak

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