7th Art Auction

Since the beginning of time, man has surrounded himself with beautiful objects. Works of art shape our sense of aesthetics and influence the quality of our lives. The history of their trade is as old as art itself. Nowadays, private collectors play the role of patrons, who were the nobles, the church and the state in the past. Their role cannot be overestimated. Art auctions allow artists to promote themselves and make money from their work. Buyers can satisfy their aesthetic needs and invest their money well. More and more people see a place for art in their home space and understand that it is a good investment of capital. The BWA Gallery is organising the Art Auction for the seventh time. The auction will mainly include works by artists from our region, Jelenia Góra, and the surrounding area. We offer paintings, graphics, photography, drawing, glass, and ceramics. We exhibit works of art for every budget.

Art auctions are more than just events where artworks exchange hands; they are vital cogs in the machinery of the art world, shaping the landscape of culture, investment, and personal enrichment. These auctions provide a dynamic platform that greatly benefits artists, collectors, and the broader public, underlining their critical importance. Art auctions offer an unparalleled opportunity for artists, particularly emerging ones, to gain visibility and recognition. Auctions serve as launchpads, helping artists establish their market value and reputation. The competitive nature of bidding can highlight an artist’s work, attracting the attention of galleries, curators, and critics. The financial rewards from successful auctions can provide artists with the resources needed to continue their creative endeavours, fostering a sustainable cycle of creativity and innovation.

Art auctions contribute significantly to cultural enrichment. They combine various artworks, from classical pieces to contemporary creations, offering viewers a unique chance to engage with a broad spectrum of artistic expressions. This exposure to varied styles, techniques, and themes can deepen one’s appreciation for art and enhance cultural literacy. Moreover, many auction houses try to catalogue and exhibit the works before the auction, allowing the public to experience art they might not encounter in traditional museum settings.

For collectors, art auctions represent a thriving marketplace where they can acquire pieces that resonate with their personal tastes and investment strategies. Art has long been considered a solid investment, often appreciating its value over time. Auctions provide a transparent and competitive environment where buyers can gauge the market’s perception of an artwork’s worth. This transparency is crucial for making informed investment decisions. Additionally, owning art can diversify an investment portfolio, offering aesthetic pleasure and financial returns.

Art auctions also foster a sense of community among art enthusiasts. They unite individuals with a passion for art, creating a vibrant social scene where ideas and inspirations are exchanged. The excitement and anticipation that build during an auction can create a shared experience, strengthening bonds within the art community. Many art auctions, such as those organized by the BWA Gallery, showcase regional artists. These events promote local talent, giving artists from specific areas, like Jelenia Góra and its surroundings, a platform to reach wider audiences. Attendees contribute to their communities’ cultural and economic vitality by supporting local art auctions.

Art auctions are indispensable to the art world, offering benefits that extend beyond mere transactions. They empower artists, enrich cultural life, provide investment opportunities, and build communities. As more people recognise the multifaceted value of art, the importance of art auctions will continue to grow, ensuring that art remains a vital and accessible part of our lives. Whether you’re an artist, a collector, or simply an admirer of beauty, participating in an art auction can be a deeply rewarding experience.

Artists whose works will be auctioned: Józef Hałas, Urszula Broll, Wojciech Zawadzki, Klaudiusz Abramski, Małgorzata Bączek, Adam Bencal, Tomasz Bieniek, Wojciech Bykowski, Magdalena Bułgajewska, Radosław Ejsymont, Emil Fohnert, Tomasz Gondek, Waldemar Grzelak, Jerzy Jakubów, Eugeniusz Józefowski, Beata Justa, Teresa Kępowicz, Alicja Kołodziejczyk, Kamila Krzyżaniak, Jerzy Kryszpin, Magdalena Kuźniarz, Patryk Lewkowicz, Iwona Łubocka, Krystyna Matusiak, Marzena Menażyk, Wojciech Miatkowski, Tomasz Mielech, Dariusz Miliński, Janusz Moniatowicz, Małgorzata Sycz, Grzegorz Szymczyk, Karolina Teluk, Szymon Teluk, Elżbieta Trzewiczek-Pietkiewicz, Bogumiła Twardowska-Rogacewicz, Sebastian Pietkiewicz, Agata Piwowar, Agnieszka Topolnicka-Mielęcka, Marianna Sztyma, Leon Turalski, Ryszard Tyszkiewicz, Aleksandra Witek.



– by e-mail to bwa@jeleniagora.pl (please include your price and contact telephone number in the e-mail)

– by phone at +48 75/75 266 69

Prices will be updated on an ongoing basis on the Auction website, the current price will appear in the caption of the auctioned work.

 Auction final stationary – BWA Gallery in Jelenia Góra, ul. Długa 1, June 1, 2024 at 3 p.m.

During the auction, we will contact people who took part in the auction online or by phone.

 Organizers: Art Exhibition Office in Jelenia Góra, Rotary Club Karpacz-Karkonosze

Partners: RC Jelenia Góra, RC Fenix

Media patronage: Radio Wrocław, Zachodnia.TV, Luxury Splash of Art.

 The funds obtained at the Auction will be transferred to the artists, and the margin from the works sold will be allocated to the education of children and youth and other statutory goals of the Art Exhibitions Office in Jelenia Góra.

 BWA’s activities are financed from the budget of the City of Jelenia Góra.



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