Unusual art: ceramic, glass sculpture, and mosaic horses.

Since prehistoric times, ceramic and glass materials have had significant roles in technology, culture, and arts. Once humans discovered that clay could be found in abundance and formed into objects ceramics take an important role in civilization. The oldest known ceramic artifacts are dated as early as 28000 before the common era. Hundreds of clay figurines representing Ice Age animals were uncovered in the location of the Czech Republic. The first man-made glass was accidentally produced around 5000 BCE and simple glass items have been discovered at the beginning of the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia and Egypt. At the same time and place, ancient artists started to make mosaic art, including glass, ceramic tiles, and stones. The Greeks and Romans later developed a system for this style of art. Modern ceramics, glass sculptures, and mosaics now are made by artists around the world. In our “Horse polo art gallery” we are proud to represent a few talented artists working with these styles of art.

Jaroslav Prosek is a young Czech crystal artist. He works in Ceska Lipa in Northern Bohemia, in the heart of the Czech glass industry. He specializes in designing and creating unique glass sculptures, but he also works with other materials such as wood, stainless steel, or marble. Jaroslav Prosek uses several technics to create his sculptures: melting in mold, grinding, and engraving. The choice of glass technique depends on the sculpture’s shape which he wants to create. Inspirations for his sculptures come from nature, the sea, yachting, and also things used for normal consumption. When something inspires him, he makes a small wooden model of the shape and he uses it to create his final sculpture


Emma Tate prides herself in making one-of-a-kind, ceramic equine sculptures. Each sculpture is hand-made from clay and inspired by her love for horses and the expression of emotion and energy. She creates both realistic and abstract sculptures and many a time a combination of the two. Her recent creations have been a medley of raw materials such as metal, gold leaf, and rich natural-toned clay.

Guilia is a master mosaicist. She studied in Italy at the only professional school for mosaicists in the world. Does Giulia create collective works for important international brands.?? Recently Giulia has done a big project for a church in Puglia, a six meters cross. Contemporary mosaic can be represented as an original “painting with marble and glasses”, Giulia creates also mosaics as panels, ready to hang.

Discover more modern Equestrian art at Katerina Morgan Horse Polo Art Gallery (https://katerinamorgan.art/). The Gallery’s mission is to connect collectors and horse lovers around the world with the best contemporary creators of equestrian art since we both cultivate the same passion for the equestrian and artistic worlds. The Gallery collaborates with talented artists who realize their works in different styles and genres. Some of them have already been incorporated into prominent Royal collections as well as private and business collections from all over the world.

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