The Poisonous Apple By Fungai Willard

Flourishing with golden apples, sweet pears, and a variety of other delicious fruits, The Tree of Good Hope ascended high in the African sky. So much promise was attached to this tree, it barely mattered menacing snakes coiled around its branches. They hissed, rattled, made other menacing noises to protect their riches. But that luxuriant fruit was so intoxicating, people ignored the squirming cobras. They flocked to Good Hope, desperate for a taste of the sweet life.

Particularly defiant in the face of danger, a tall, long-haired woman approached the tree and demanded, “Snake, you gave me this apple, but that’s not enough to satisfy my appetite. I need much more. I am not Eve easily seduced.” Sensing the power of this voluptuous temptress, the snake slunk back towards a thin, shaking branch. He alarmingly recognized that she hadn’t bitten the fruit, and that spelled trouble for his continuing control over the tree. “Could this woman be tricked by a handful of gold,” the snake wondered. “Or was she some portent of the future, too strong-willed to be fooled by all the grand promises of the past?” She bravely stood by the tree, and while the snake thought of banishing her to some distant desert, the sky thundered, then  turned black. The omen was clear.


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