The Other Side By Eily Vong

Everything turns blurry. Conflicts and contradictions abound. Time passes and becomes hazy in your mind. This is the darkness that engulfs, makes life bewildering, for amid the chaotic profusion of images, there are no truths. No fixed landmarks to guide us past Disturbia and into illumination. We still push ahead, pretending everything is alright. It’s not. But we try to suppress the doubts, the screams lasting deep into the night. All seems filled with apprehension, despair, and hopelessness. That too is a lie.There is light, even clarity. One just has to wade through the shadows, be brave enough to pierce the superficial, and to emerge on the other side.


Thoughts that go through my mind, are ones that sometimes don’t need to be verbalized. Wanting to keep my face in the shadows, not for the fear of showing it, but for symbolization of my thoughts and state of mind. It visits the dark but I know there is always a light..

Face of The World

Every night I go outside and look into the night, looking at the stars. Knowing that you are looking at the same things as me. While I stare into the face of the world, speaking my thoughts and feelings in the air, hoping the breeze that I feel is carrying my words to you. As this night goes away and the next one comes it is new thought and new hope.


Deep into my thoughts and dreams, my hand will extend to you. Whenever you feel lost, don’t know where to turn, just put your hand out and I will hold it. You will never be without me by your side, into the darkness when you close your eyes, into the light when you open them, I will always be there.


There are nights when you do sleep, even though it might just for a moment. You close your eyes, then your mind takes you to a place. This place has all the things that you have been missing, the talks, all the laughing, just felt like you are living in that moment. Then you open your eyes and all of it is gone except the memories that you have


I can hide all thoughts from the world, but I cannot escape them myself. Outside my world that I am in, nobody can see what is truly going through my mind. I can pretend everything is alright but I know that I am going down a road that no one can travel except for me, is my true thinking.


I stay up late nights sometimes not even sleeping. Looking at the time, it feels like it is not even changing, but I know it is. The only way I can see it change is the shift in the night skies, transitioning from night into day. Saying to myself there goes another night gone.

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