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Irmina Przybylowska and Marta Borowiecka are female entrepreneurs who after gaining years of experience in different firms in Poland, moved to London. They both had different incentives, but the purpose and thought in the back of their heads was the same: to do something creative, that would release good vibes and bring satisfaction, and most importantly to play by their own rules. They arranged cyclical event Metamorphosis London and started Woman in the World magazine, that inspires thousands of women from all around the world.

LSA: When I look at both of you, I see energetic, resourceful and confident women. Tell me about your journey?

Irmina: For many years I worked in media. I was getting to know this market from different perspectives: I was looking after PR in women magazine and I was also active in this field for few fashion brands. In the meantime, I was working on my own business portal. The moment has come when I felt that it is the time for a change of larger calibre: a move to London. After moving overseas, I carried out many different jobs, but none of them lived up to my expectations. Until the day when I met Marta. We established cooperation and because we loved working in this duo, we started engaging new projects.

Marta: My job on the other hand, was connected to two fields: for years I looked after a hotel and restaurant in Wroclaw and I was also associated with marketing and event agencies. I moved to London for private reasons and I was persistently looking for my place. From the very first day we felt connected and we have been working together since.

LSA: The common denominator of your endeavours are women. Why? 

Irmina: We saw and still see women around us with great ideas, but the lack of self-worth and low self-esteem takes their courage away and makes it impossible to show the world what they’re all about. Our line of action is to support, inspire, and add wings. We want to spur them on to chase their dreams. Above all this, we love women and feminine energy.

Marta: Polish women on emigration don’t have it easy. There is lack of support from our compatriots, in addition, there are many difficulties related to different environment, language, longing for loved ones, feeling home sick. We decided that this magazine will be dedicated to them. One that will answer their problems, questions and concerns. Which will both motivate as well as relax and educate. There are also lifestyle and travel texts, those about sex, motherhood or about…motor vehicles.

LSA: Apart from creating the magazine you’re also organizing Metamorphosis London and Woman in the World Awards. What’s the idea behind these activities?

Irmina: Metamorphosis London is a programme where participants experience physical and mental makeover. It involves consultations with dietitian, personal trainer and cosmetologist. The change in eating habits, regular exercise and series of treatments, make women (and recently also men) undergo incredible transformation. Wellbeing, go-getting and confidence are the key benefits that come along with the body change.

Marta: Woman in the World Awards is a plebiscite that focuses on women who run a business abroad or in Poland, but with an international outreach. We show active, dynamic, and creative women. We emphasize the strength and determination of women who, regardless of their place of residence and variety of unfavourable circumstances, just run with it to achieve success. We want these stories to be ignited by other women, lift them from their couches and provide support in the pursuit of their dreams.

LSA: Does this work? Do you receive any feedback?

Irmina: Yes, it does! We get contacted by many women for whom an article or an interview that was published in the magazine was their turning point for minor or major changes. We get contacted by many ladies that thanks to Metamorphosis believed that regardless of your age, weight, large number of activities, can change and improve the quality of their lives. Our participants are a living proof that it is never too late to turn your life around and to always follow your heart.

Marta: We’re proud that more and more women abroad regularly reach out for Woman in the World.  At this moment hard copy of the magazine is not only available in the UK and Scotland but also in Germany. We feel that we created a community of women who share similar interests, doubts and dreams. A community that supports each other, where there is no space for judgement or criticism, but only for broader horizons and new opportunities. Our heroes share practical hints on how to develop your business and take care of personal development.

LSA: What are your plans for the future?

Irmina: We’ve got various ideas for new initiatives in regards to promotion and support of women. Last year held us up with certain activities, but we hope this year will be kinder. I don’t want to share too many details, but with time you will be able to see what’s up in our heads. We’ll definitely make sure that the content in the magazine is valuable, interesting and motivating. We surround ourselves with positive, artistic women – we want to promote and cooperate with such personalities. And this is the approach to life and business we want to reinfuse into our readers.

Marta: We’re happy that more and more advertisers are putting faith in us and realise that placing an advert in Woman in the World magazine translates into brand awareness and real increase in sales of their products or services. We’d like this group to rise and new companies to be able to reach the constantly growing group of recipients. The key is the fact that the group of our readers increases systematically, and that we cross geographic borders and expand to different countries. We’re planning to boost ‘Mens World’ and publish more texts dedicated to male audience. We’re also at the finish line in preparations for this year’s edition of Woman in the World Awards. Keep your fingers crossed and we’d like to invite you to collaboration.

LSA; As young girls, did you see yourself in a different field? For example, in corporation, IT or perhaps banking?

Irmina: That’s a difficult one. In primary school and high school, I was involved in sports – athletics. I thought I’d make a career in this field, but an injury prevented me from realising this goal. I was artistically active in primary school (I played piano and took part in performances), I aspired to be an actress. I knew for sure that I must do something that gives me freedom and flexibility and that it is something that’s created by me.

Marta: When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a director in my grandad’s hotel, and a teacher. Partly it worked.  I never liked to work for someone and be an average employee. This isn’t for me. Maybe if I were a director straight away, I would be able to work for someone. Basically, I don’t like to have someone over me. I like to have flexibility and at this moment I do what I love the most.

 LSA: Is London just a pit stop in your life?

Irmina: I’ve got traveller’s soul and I love to explore different parts of the world. Not long ago I thought that London is the destination, but I am not so sure anymore. As I like a warmer climate, I may end up somewhere in the south of Europe.

Marta: I thought that London is just a stop in my journey and that sooner or later I’d return to Poland.  This is not the plan anymore. After spending so many years over here I no longer imagine returning to Poland. I associate my own and my family’s future with the UK.

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Photos: Ania Radomska Photography

MUA: Joanna Walaś/Aleksandra Witucka

Hair: Paweł Cymer

Clothes and accessories: Agnes Wuyam, Makadamia, Malinne, Giulio Santoro, Lookash Jewelry, Carolines Chic Jewellery, Patrycja Plesiak.

Place: Sky Tower Apartments Wroclaw

Stylist: Ania Dutkowska Śmiechowska

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