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Miart Gallery London is pleased to present Beyond Borders, an important collective exhibition featured seven artists working with various media, including painting, sculpture, mixed-media technique and light installations. Mostly focusing on their most recent works. Beyond Borders highlights the identity of the gallery, one which unites East and West and fosters discourse between mediums, artistic styles and expressions, temporalities and cultures. The exhibition not only complements and celebrates the creative selection of the gallery but also the selection of emerging contemporary artists being showcased.

The Beyond Border’s  includes the work of Kadir Akyol and Ardan Ozmenoglu, emerging Turkish artists, who borrow images from historical contexts and set universal standards of individuality and collective visual memory. Akyol’s canvases allude to elements of popular culture, traditional life, popular and modern painting, lyricism, and irony, which all combine in dynamic harmony. By combining self-elected images from varying historical periods and cultural connections, with a dissimilar original dialect, he achieves extraordinary artistic richness and an innovative contemporary impact.

Similarly, Ardan Ozmenoglu’s work takes a probing look at a wide range of phenomena of contemporary society, among them cultural techniques, scientific and technological developments, history and culture, popular culture and the shaping of national and cultural identity. Ozmenoglu’s refined, subtle works are precisely conceived narratives, visualized using iconic images or illustrations taken from other contexts. Her work often has its starting point in the examination of the past and present of her home country, Istanbul.

Ece Abay specialises in woodcut prints on both, paper and canvas as well as sculpture, specifically bronze moulding. Her works are inspired by history, nature, animals, music and various cultures. Often Abay focuses on ancient temples to portray the “finding of our paths through the light of our ancestors’ reflection on earth”. The series, Ancient Memories, being showcased in the exhibition, is the second chapter of the journey. She describes her work to be “the bridge between our heritage and future generations on enlightenment and finding our own path in life to prosper in harmony”. The series represents birth, growth and maturity of consciousness.

Emre Namyeter is a contemporary sculpture and light artist focused on human perception and the continuous questioning of how we perceive things differently from one another, how our perception filters reality and how in the end, we tend to see things not as they ‘really’ are but as we are. To achieve this ‘distorted’ viewer perception, he uses lines, patterns, layers, mirrors and paints and portrays these in different light conditions.

Lastly, the Polish artists Beata Dencikowska and Dariusz Dencikowski, are passionate painters of abstract techniques. By profession and education, Beata is a professional musician and pianist with vast experience in concert performance in Poland & abroad. Her works can be understood as a mixture and unity of abstract music and art. Dariusz’s dedication to painting and drawing, as well as his vast education as an architect and interior designer can be heavily observed in his detailed works. As an abstract painter, Dariusz describes his paintings to be pictures in harmony with his emotions. His works are highly valued by art lovers and collectors primarily in France, Luxemburg, Belgium, England and Germany.

Miart Gallery London is a spectacular 500 sqm Contemporary and Modern Art centre located in the heart of Mayfair on St. James’s Street. Privileged to have various sized exhibition halls on three separate floors, it can host several exhibitions independent from each other at the same time. Throughout these three floors, we host exhibitions that display fine examples of contemporary Eastern and Western art, comprising paintings, calligraphies, sculptures, photographs, and video pieces. Miart Gallery London showcases a monthly rotation of internationally renowned and emerging global modern and contemporary artists. Miart Gallery London is a unique platform that brings together and innovatively synthesizes contemporary Eastern and Western artworks. At this point, our mission is to underline the universality of art and to invite art enthusiasts to explore all forms.

31-32 St James’s St, Mayfair, London SW1A 1HE

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