Postcards Sent from New York, Paris…..

Parisian streets, their histories, mysteries, and seductions are alive in the photography of Zimbabwe-born Graham Kuhn. Gifted at capturing the energy and secret stories of city neighborhoods, this Vogue and Vanity Fair freelance photographer also knows how to animate magazines with his visual delights. He has shot numerous ad campaigns for international brands.

But his most cinematic work has revolved around the pulse of cities. Conversant with their particular vibe, Kuhn believes cities like New York, Los Angels and Paris offer pulsating backdrops for capturing the diversity of life. Picturing “the daily grind,” making it resonant, is an art, one that propelled him to shoot “postcards” from New York. More storytelling “postcards” could soon be his next artistic offering. Now living in London, on a 1925 yacht, he might just be thinking of preparing another set of photos—on waterways, which have their own “secrets” for him to reveal.

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