Ilona Adamska A Renaissance Woman

In the realm where creativity intertwines with entrepreneurship, where intellect meets elegance, and where ambition knows no bounds, there emerges a luminary who effortlessly navigates multiple spheres with grace and determination. Today, we have the privilege of delving into the captivating narrative of Ilona Adamska – an individual whose name resonates across the worlds of literature, publishing, fashion, and business. As an author, her words ignite imagination and provoke introspection, while as a publisher, she pioneers the dissemination of innovative ideas. Her presence on the runway transcends mere modelling; it embodies the fusion of sophistication and empowerment. As the visionary founder of the European Club of Business Women, she catalyses change and fosters a community of trailblazers. A voyage through the life and accomplishments of Ilona Adamska – a woman whose essence defies conventional boundaries and whose story inspires generations to aspire, create, and excel.

Luxury Splash Of Art: Spring is a time of many changes, essential and groundbreaking in your case, after 17 years of running the I.D.MEDIA Company, you decided to change its name to ADAMSKA MEDIA. You also opened a Foundation with the beautiful name “In harmony with yourself.” Change takes courage. You’re not afraid of them, are you?

Ilona Adamska: I’m not afraid of changes, and I’m certainly one who often goes against the grain. This year, I decided to focus on myself. I want to promote the brand more strongly. Hence, among other things, there was a change in the company’s name. Besides, I never felt the name I.D.MEDIA. It’s an abbreviation for the name of my ex-partner and me, with whom I was supposed to run this business, but it simply didn’t work out because we broke up. Thoughts about changing the company name came up from time to time over the years, but I wasn’t sure if I could do it or what it would involve. Maybe I’m not sure enough about it yet. I made the final decision in March of this year after a conversation with Sylwia, my coach, with whom I have worked on myself, my self-esteem, and my business for some time.

The foundation, in turn, was a natural step.”I’ve always had a passion for helping others, embodying the soul of a social activist. Over the years, I’ve contributed to numerous projects for various foundations. Now, I feel it’s time to take the next step and establish my foundation, allowing me to create something meaningful for myself and the causes I deeply care about.”. The “IN HARMONY WITH OURSELF” Foundation has several activities in its statute. We want to help not only people affected by hate as part of the I DON’T HATE – MOTIVATE campaign but also single mothers, disabled people, and people experiencing homelessness. In fact, as part of the foundation, I want to do everything I have done so far, i.e. organising collections and auctions, producing charity calendars, creating social campaigns, photo sessions, podcasts, publishing educational books, organizing workshops, artistic, cultural, and sports events. The decision to establish a foundation indeed results from deep empathy and understanding of the needs of people in difficult life situations. Wanting to bring them relief and support, I decided to act actively to improve their life and emotional situation. These groups are often insufficiently supported by public institutions, so establishing a foundation is also an attempt to fill this gap. Creating the foundation is also an act of opposition to social inequalities and injustices faced by single mothers, homeless people, and victims of hate. As a foundation, we want to work towards social change and ensure equal opportunities and dignity for all who need it.

LSA: Why is it worth helping?

IA: When I help others, I don’t think about why I’m doing it and whether it’s worth it or what I’ll get from it. I love helping, and I know I got it from my mother, a social activist who supports many organizations. He works for charity. And she taught us (me and my brother) the same thing from childhood. However, if we discuss the benefits, apart from building a better world, we can strengthen social bonds and bring people closer by helping. Engaging in charity can contribute to personal development by developing empathy, empathetic communication, and problem-solving skills. Helping others gives great mental and personal satisfaction. Seeing positive changes in other people is highly motivating and inspiring for me. Remember that each of us has something we can give another person. And it’s not just about money. I mean time, attention, a kind word, a hug.

LSA: Since 2022, you have been conducting workshops on hate in schools. You created a social campaign with a vast scope under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of National Education. Where did the idea for the campaign come from, and why do you want to talk about hate?

IA: The campaign is the fruit of my private experience. I have been and am hard all my life for various reasons. I decided to turn what I experienced in primary and secondary school and what I sometimes experienced as a person running my own business into something good. And talk about it. Pu lic discussion about hate contributes to increasing awareness of this problem in society because people are often unable to recognize typical hate behaviour. Discussing hate allows society to be educated about the consequences of this type of behaviour. Thanks to our campaign, people learn about the emotional, mental, and social effects of hate on victims and what are the methods of dealing with it. Public discussion can encourage taking action to counteract hate. For me, our action is also a form of solidarity with the victims and support for them. Victims of hate feel less alone and more supported. They see that hate does not choose. Anyone can become its victim. Finally, discussing h te can change internet culture by promoting respect, empathy, and responsible use of social media.

LSA: Where does hate come from, and who is a hater?

IA: When you think about who the person writing offensive or untrue comments about you might be, immediately answer yourself: it is someone depressed. Someone who has a problem with himself. This is a person who often has a boring life. This is someone who cannot take care of themselves and their well-being. This person envies success, activity, well-being, successful relationships, and valuable relationships. He is a man who cannot cope with emotions. Hate is a sign of his inner weakness and helplessness. Those who feel valuable, truly internally strong, and unconditionally loved do not shout or attack us. As therapist Karolina Mikulko says: – Those who scream the loudest are looking for a way to mean “something” for a while.

Katarzyna Miller, ambassador of the “I don’t hate – I motivate” campaign and a respected psychologist, believes that many people have low self-esteem correlated with envy and a demanding attitude. – They are angry that others have succeeded, that they are cheerful, known, liked, talented, and successful. Instead of trying to improve their lives, they prefer to make themselves feel better by belittling, spitting on, and hurting others. And you can feel sorry for the haters and not care about them. Especially since the reactions showing how it affects us are joy and food for the haters. In turn, Anna Maruszeczko, former host of the “City of Women” program on TVN STYLE, former editor-in-chief of the “Uroda Życie” magazine, the face of the “I don’t hate – I motivate” campaign, adds: – Hate is an expression of weakness, frustration, confusion, lack of self-confidence of these people. , who commits it. It is worth remembering that hate is other people’s problem, not a reflection of our actual value. Accepting yourself, with all your advantages and disadvantages, can help you build resistance to negative comments.

LSA: Finally, I want to ask you questions and let you see Ilona Adamska privately. She is not a successful woman but an everyday woman. Ask about what you want. What are you afraid of? Answer in one word, in one sentence. All right?

IA: With leisure (laughter).

LSA: Sunset or s sunrise?

IA: The West.

LSA: What are you most afraid of?

IA: Storm and spiders.

LSA: What is your greatest weakness?

IA: Sweets, high heels and sunglasses. And… and to the candles that I light every day.

LSA: Sea or mountains?

 IA: Sea. Maybe because I come from the mountains (Podkarpacie / Bieszczady) (laughter).

LSA: Favorite hobby?

Sports (basketball, cycling with a loved one, swimming), reading development, and business books.

LSA: A country you love, apart from Poland?

 IA: Italy. My fiancé and I dream of a house in Italy. I have even started learning Italian. I found a fantastic teacher who makes every lesson a lot of fun for me.

LSA: Favorite quote about Love?

IA: “Love begins when, apart from all these wonderful, beautiful things, we suddenly look at someone and see: misery here, misery there, some weakness there, some egoism here, something completely wrong here, there is something in general that we cannot deal with. I know how to live. And the moment we decide that I love his person with the e weaknesses, and I will walk through life with them, and try to help them with them, only here does TRUE LOVE begin”. (Father Adam Szustak)

LSA: What qualities impress you in men?

IA: Sense of humour, self-confidence, courage, self-discipline.

LSA: Thank you for the conversation. I keep my fingers crossed for all the projects you create.

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