Deus Ex Machina

Everything, really everything that is strange and unusual in everyday life, as if taken from dreams, the farthest recesses of the unconscious and layers of self, and to a large extent unreal, is made for me. Metaphysical, Visionary, Punk digital Art. So different from what we are used to experiencing in the dimensions of reality. Tempting and engaging with their mysteriousness into oneiric spaces, each time captivating into surreal lands from which it is difficult and impossible to take your eyes off.

So many amazing illusions and projections incomparable to anything else. These phantasmagorical scenes, differing from direct observation, perfectly throw you out of routine and put you into unreal states. Here is an artist, Igor Goryunov from St Petersburg, who was able to create a visionary atmosphere with his digital works. His art, which is a transposition of unique visions, is like a gift from mystics, full of various weaves of actions and views.

Seemingly prosaic elements, self-taught artist Igor Goryunov created this highly irrational, phenomenal mood. Crazy, intriguing, delirious and engrossing, like the plot of the best read with constantly growing tension. When it is difficult to find out about the prevailing relations, in the codes of symbols, the events occurring in the media, which, like a jigsaw puzzle, seem to lead to even more confusing stories. That is why, from the entire oeuvre of the artist, I have chosen the scenes most often in which female characters are entangled in surprising narratives, dark and very ambiguous, subject only to the complex laws of imagination. When the scenes are like full-blown nudes drawn from the deepest aspects of Freud’s psychoanalysis.

Marked with a pluralism of meanings and further explorable layers of interpretation, the essence of which cannot be fully explored anyway. In places resembling film frames Alien,Prometheus & Species or is there something more in them than just what is available to human eyes? The figures set in gloomy and mysterious interiors appear to us as those puppets thrown into a circle over which fate or maybe some fate is watching. Their eyesight rarely meets the eyes of the viewer. When they sleepwalk, they indulge in surreal states.

Written By Kamila Krzyzaniak


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