Tel Aviv quickly developed into a thriving metropolis and is today one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East. The city is known for its nightlife, Tel Aviv is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel. The city is known for its nightlife, beautiful beaches, rich history, world-class museums and galleries, and diverse cuisine The name Tel Aviv means “The Hill of Spring” and reflects the intention with which it was built. It was supposed to be a city of gardens, intended for about 25,000 inhabitants. However, the increased Jewish emigration to Palestine in the interwar period and after World War II made it grow uncontrollably.

At the same time, many Jewish architects from Germany came to Tel Aviv, they brought up the Bauhaus school and the ideas of Le Corbusier and began to transfer them to the new city. As a result, a unique complex of buildings called the White City and representing mainly Bauhaus, was created here. Since 2003, it has been on the UNESCO list. The combination of Tel Aviv and Jaffa meant that the new metropolis received two different faces. Historic Jaffa has an Arabian character, and its heart is the Old Town, full of narrow streets. It is now an artsy district with trendy pubs and music venues. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on the waterfront. You can also go on a cruise around the harbor. Tel Aviv, on the other hand, is primarily modern buildings and residential districts stretching to the horizon. The closest to the sea are attractive parks that are the remnants of the concept of a garden city, and lovers of architecture will surely be delighted with the White City.

For trips, I always choose cities with access to the sea or ocean and interesting architecture. Tel Aviv is ideally located, with wonderful modern architecture and a narrow strip extending over the sea. The so-called “white city” is a district full of pearls of modernism that I fell in love with at first sight.” I walked many kilometers there, back and forth, soaking up the unique Mediterranean atmosphere, where modernism lurks around every corner– explained Aga Wrycz Tel Aviv is the largest concentration of Bauhaus in the world. Dreaming of returning to Tel Aviv, the artist created a series of photos of people walking through the streets of this magical city. Inspired by the joyful Jewish holiday (Purim), which Aga had the opportunity to observe for 3 days, She added some surreal threads and mixed them with her imagination. “I will never forget the streets full of joyful people dressed up in various costumes. I especially remember the jellyfish disguise and it was this element that I tried to use in the created photos and combined with my passion for fashion photography” says photographer Aga Wrycz

Written By Grace Crossmann

Photography in MJ by Aga Wrycz

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